Man Reenacts Up By Tying 90 Helium Balloons To A Lawn Chair

It's not as impressive as lifting a house into the air, but daredevil Erik Roner had a miniature Up moment when he was lifted 8,000 feet into the air with the help of 50 tanks of helium and 90 enormous balloons. » 12/23/14 7:20am 12/23/14 7:20am

I Can't Stop Watching These Parade Balloon Accident Videos

Like stock car races or primary debates, balloon parades are an alleged form of entertainment that's mostly just boring until something goes wrong. Fortunately, with balloon accidents the resulting injuries are primarily psychic in nature—measured in months of therapy for poor Jacob after seeing Pikachu disemboweled… » 11/27/14 6:22pm 11/27/14 6:22pm

The Strangest Hot-Air Balloons To Ever Grace The Skies

Hot-air balloons went from mode of transportation to relative novelty, but throughout their history, these floating vehicles have been very odd. From a balloon built for lifting a person on horseback to the hot-air balloon replica of Christ the Redeemer, here are some of the weirdest balloons ever. » 8/28/14 4:00pm 8/28/14 4:00pm

This Short Film About A Man Made Out Of Balloons Will Make You Weep

Life isn't just dangerous for a person made entirely out of balloons; it's also lonely. Wandering the streets of a city, this balloon man tries to make connections with other people, even though every interaction risks popping a balloon. » 8/13/14 4:40pm 8/13/14 4:40pm

This Could Be the Greatest Advance in Water Balloon Technology Ever

Shut up about your high tech super soakers, because Bunch O Balloons is about to take water fights to the next level. Just look at it! You can fill like a zillion balloons all at once, and then DRIVE YOUR ENEMIES BEFORE YOU. » 7/27/14 4:00pm 7/27/14 4:00pm

Holy crap: Guys try to walk a tightrope between two hot air balloons

Because usual tightrope walking is apparently not daring enough, a group of extreme sports enthusiasts took to the skies to attempt to walk a line from one hot air balloon to another. And they brought cameras to film their own terrific falls. » 2/07/14 1:00pm 2/07/14 1:00pm

Playful ceramic sculptures look like inflatable toy dinosaurs

Brett Kern's sculptures look like vinyl balloon dinosaurs at first glance, but they are actually ceramic, the ridges and appearance of inflated tension all deliberately put in. » 12/29/13 9:00am 12/29/13 9:00am

Why do helium balloons in cars seem immune to inertia?

When you hit the gas pedal in a car, you get pressed backwards in the seat. That's physics. So why does a helium balloon dart forward, into the acceleration? Is helium immune to physics? » 7/16/13 7:40am 7/16/13 7:40am

Balloon sculpture is the least deadly stage in the Xenomorph lifecycle

Michael Abrahamson creates whimsical balloon sculptures of pop culture characters. This Xenomorph might look deadly, but outlast it for a few days, and it will simply deflate. » 5/18/13 5:00pm 5/18/13 5:00pm

20-foot dinosaur balloon sculpture stands beside its species' skeleton

The skeleton of Acrocanthosaurus, which resides in the Virgina Museum of Natural History, has survived for some 100 million years, but now it is accompanied by a much more fragile twin. A 20-foot-long Acrocanthosaurus balloon sculpture has been built beside the fossilized skeleton, and will stay there until it… » 4/28/13 8:30am 4/28/13 8:30am

Buzz Lightyear costume made of balloons won't last beyond infinity — or…

Balloon artist Jeff Wright has created an amazing Buzz Lightyear costume out of twisting balloons. But one overly rough playtime with Andy, and this Buzz might end up completely naked. » 9/22/12 7:30am 9/22/12 7:30am

Cthulhu Party Balloon is a Party Monster. No, seriously, it'll eat your…

Happy Birthday H. P. Lovecraft! And what better way to celebrate than with this amazing Cthulhu party balloon? This was posted by Frostbite795 at Reddit — and the inspiration was simple: "Asked for a Cthulhu. Balloon guy at bar mitzvah delivers." Wonderful! » 8/20/12 1:15pm 8/20/12 1:15pm

10 Fun Ways to Euthanize Yourself

Suppose you've been given a few weeks to live, but you've decided you don't want to spend your last days in a hospital bed. What if you decide, "Today is a good day to die," in a suitably stentorian Klingon voice? And you want a method of self-annihilation that's both interesting and nearly pain-free? » 7/02/12 10:16am 7/02/12 10:16am

High-speed photographs capture water balloons the moment after they pop

With summer upon us, the minds of some pranksters and water battlers will inevitably turn to water balloons and the havoc they can wreak. Photographer Edward Horsford's series of high-speed photos, however, invite us to see these water weapons in a different light, capturing the water the moment after the balloon has… » 6/24/12 3:00pm 6/24/12 3:00pm

The first female aeronaut inspired the Mile High Club in 1784

You'd probably guess, if asked, that the first Mile High Club members were those dashing stunt pilots of the 1920s, who did things like play tennis on the wings of a plane. You'd be off by a century and a half. As soon as the very first woman took to the skies, people started having ideas. » 5/21/12 8:11am 5/21/12 8:11am

Alien Balloon Creatures Invade Miami Beach

While the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade fills the skies with familiar cartoon characters, the Skywalkers parade took a very different tack, creating a procession of bizarre, alien ballon creatures. » 11/17/09 7:40am 11/17/09 7:40am

Festive Balloon Monsters for Your Next Alien Invasion

Jason Hackenwerth weaves elaborate and colorful alien creatures out of ordinary party balloons. They may not do well in a fight, but they'll add a festive tone to your next invasion. » 9/29/09 10:30am 9/29/09 10:30am

Power Your Home with Helium Balloons

Need to get some quick-and-pretty solar energy to your house, but don't want to mount a bunch of heavy solar panels on your roof? Now you can start powering up with these gorgeous, lightweight solar balloons. As long as you've got a helium tank handy, says inventor Joseph Cory, just one or two of these balloons made… » 4/10/08 4:09pm 4/10/08 4:09pm