BSG's Producer Discusses Corporate Religion

Wondering where the religious themes in Battlestar Galactica » 8/05/08 10:09am 8/05/08 10:09am came from? A newly-released video of executive producer Ron Moore introducing a screening of an episode to a group of students explores the importance of the mythological and religious elements to the series, as well as how one throwaway line can change the…

Cylons Just As Frakked As Ever, Says Producer

Wondering whether Battlestar Galactica's Final Four Cylons are sleeper agents awaiting instructions to destroy humanity once and for all, or just confused and frakked up as they seem? Showrunner and producer Ron D. Moore has no problems telling you the answer to that question, as well as dropping a little spoiler or… » 5/07/08 6:30am 5/07/08 6:30am