Bandai's Samurai Star Wars Figures Have Gotten Even Better

Bandai’s “Movie Realisation” Star Wars figures—which take the Empire and turn them into ancient samurai with flintlocks and katanas rather than blasters and lightsabers—are fantastic. But now the line’s got a few more additions that make it even cooler. Sandtroopers! Royal Guards! Boba Fett! Oh my. » 8/27/15 5:45pm Thursday 5:45pm

A New Gundam Anime Means There's New Gundam Toys

Mobile Suit Gundam and model kits go hand in hand—the plastic kits arguably saved the series from obscurity and helped turn it into an anime legend. So inevitably the announcement of a new series in the franchise, naturally, that means there’s a whole slew of gorgeous looking toys to go with it.… » 7/15/15 10:00pm 7/15/15 10:00pm

This Crazy Face Makes For A Great Darth Maul Figure

For what little time he graced the screen in The Phantom Menace, any sort of emotion that wasn’t “stoic” or “oh crap I just got chopped in half” was rarely seen on the visage of Darth Maul. However, this new figuarts toy from Bandai looks so wonderfully demented, it makes for a lovely figure. » 4/28/15 11:20am 4/28/15 11:20am

Bandai's Samurai Star Wars Toys Get Royal Guards, Boba Fett, And Drums

We’ve seen Bandai’s “Movie Realisation” takes on Star Wars before, turning Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers into Samurai — but now the line is expanding into amazing looking versions of the Royal Guards, Boba Fett and, as befitting any Star Wars toy line, more Stormtrooper variants than you can shake a stick at. » 4/23/15 9:00pm 4/23/15 9:00pm

Bandai's War Machine Toy Comes Complete With Patriotic Action Features

Well, I say that, but it basically means Bandai's latest Age of Ultron Figuarts toy can be posed saluting. There's pictures of this thing swooshing around, firing plastic laser blasts, being a badass — but a shot of a little saluting action figure is easily the best thing about it. » 4/17/15 4:40pm 4/17/15 4:40pm

Take A Look At The Inner Workings Of A Gundam With This Great Model Kit

Anyone who's put together a Gundam Model kit know that the models usually house a lot of little pieces and articulation joints within the plastic shell — but this new one tries to show you what would be underneath the armour of an actual Gundam, and looks pretty fabulous while doing so. » 3/27/15 2:00am 3/27/15 2:00am

Bandai's Newest Star Wars Model Kits Are Two Wonderful Astromechs

Bandai have recently turned their Model Kit hands to the world of Star Wars, giving us snap-together kits of Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper - but now they've revealed the next in the line, and there some rather lovely renditions of R2-D2 and the unfortunately explodey R5-D4. » 3/11/15 9:01pm 3/11/15 9:01pm

Not Content With Branded Real Food, Sailor Moon Gets Branded Fake Food

The 20th anniversary of the Sailor Moon Manga's release, as well as the launch of Sailor Moon Crystal, has seen kind of an explosion in Sailor Moon marketing mania recently. We've had tortilla chips, we've had animé contacts, and now the Sailor Senshi are getting into... the tiny, replica food market? Huh. » 3/04/15 4:40pm 3/04/15 4:40pm