Crocheted Bane face mask keeps you warm while you're terrorizing Gotham

We can't promise that this crocheted face mask by Etsy seller Rose Pope will make you any easier to understand than Bane was in The Dark Knight Rises, but it certainly looks a good deal more comfortable to wear. Pope is selling these masks for £60, but due to high demand, there's a waiting list for this cold-weather… »3/09/13 2:00pm3/09/13 2:00pm


Bane explains the importance of fiber in these Dark Knight Rises "outtakes"

There are two reasons why you should watch this Dark Knight Rises comedy video, despite the likelihood that you overdosed on them months ago: 1) it's about Bane, but isn't about Bane being unintelligible, and 2) hearing this guy's uncanny impression of Tom Hardy's weirdly genial supervillain worry about his… »12/10/12 10:40am12/10/12 10:40am

What would it take to be Bane? A Dark Knight Rises infographic

Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy was a huge, crazy ride that included a ton of defining performances, from Michael Caine to Heath Ledger — and yet, Tom Hardy's growling sociopath Bane still stands out. Tomorrow, The Dark Knight Rises comes out on DVD and Blu-ray and you can relive the chaos. But in the meantime, you… »12/03/12 4:17pm12/03/12 4:17pm

What if The Dark Knight Rises took place in 1930s Shanghai?

We saw a snippet of this DC Nation cartoon come out of Comic-Con, but that was only the tip of the alternate reality iceberg. From Wolf Smoke Studios, here's an extremely gee-whiz animated short featuring Batman, Catwoman, and Bane running amok in 1930s Shanghai. Hopefully this means more short animations in the… »8/28/12 10:15am8/28/12 10:15am

Is the birth of Bane hidden in Tom Hardy's Star Trek: Nemesis screen test?

Before Tom Hardy was the exuberant Bane, he was but a clone of Captain Picard in Star Trek: Nemesis. A recently unearthed screen test of Hardy and Patrick Stewart going toe-to-toe shows the early beginnings of the would-be Bat-villain (and the early, elaborate accents). Confession time: we kind of like the screen… »7/31/12 10:10am7/31/12 10:10am