Attend A Rave At Bangkok's Outrageous Ghost-Themed Shopping Mall

Mansion 7 is a ghost-themed mall in Bangkok. It contains a haunted house called the Dark Mansion, which is supposedly haunted by the owner's daughter and all the black-magic beasties he unleashed trying to raise her from the dead. And it hosts insane-looking parties. We wanna go! » 2/11/15 3:20pm 2/11/15 3:20pm

Bangkok Won't Show Mockingjay After Protestors Use Katniss' Salute

The three-fingered salute used by Katniss and the other rebels in The Hunger Games have been adopted by pro-democracy activists in Thailand. And as a result, a movie chain in Bangkok has cancelled screenings of Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. » 11/20/14 9:02pm 11/20/14 9:02pm

Thousands Of Koi Thrive In The Flooded Basement Of This Abandoned Mall

Bangkok's New World Mall was once a shopping center, but today it serves as a giant fish pond, its waterlogged lower level completely overtaken by koi. » 7/01/14 8:27am 7/01/14 8:27am

You probably shouldn't put a busy farmers' market on train tracks

In Bangkok, the Maeklong Line runs through a produce market, and the vendors must scatter whenever once they hear the train's horn. The poor fruits and vegetables are less lucky. This cramped tableau brings to mind the shoulder-to-shoulder existence within the Kowloon Walled City. » 2/19/11 3:36pm 2/19/11 3:36pm

Bangkok's Sathorn Unique abandoned skyscraper: the supervillain HQ of…

Are you an enterprising crime lord looking to house 50 stories worth of henchmen? Why don't you check the Sathorn Unique ghost skyscraper in Bangkok, Thailand? No one lives there, and it's got a rooftop terrace perfect for villainous showdowns. » 10/04/10 11:05am 10/04/10 11:05am