Here's How You'll Make and Save Money in the Future

The way we deal with money is constantly changing — as is the nature of money itself. You can absolutely expect your money to change over the coming decades. In fact, the world of finance is on the cusp of revolutionary change. » 10/09/13 11:20am 10/09/13 11:20am

Arthur C. Clarke believed America's smartest people were wasting their…

There's a fascinating profile of Arthur C. Clarke over at the Sri Lanka Guardian, a newspaper in the land where Clarke spent the second half of his life. There are tons of insights into Clarke's life, writing and technological foresight. » 3/18/11 8:30am 3/18/11 8:30am

Put Your Money To Work, On The Planet Calypso

The Earth banking system may be collapsing, but now there's an extraterrestrial bank for you to squirrel away your funds. Entropia Universe, an MMO set on the Planet Calypso, just got a Swedish banking license. » 3/19/09 8:00am 3/19/09 8:00am