Banksy's special Simpsons opening proves unicorns and clones are harmed in the making of the show

Tonight's Simpsons "couch gag" was storyboarded and directed by world-famous street artist Banksy, and it reveals the depths to which the production team will stoop. Behold horrific unicorn abuse, toxic waste, and disenfranchised clones. Greatest Simpsons opening ever? [Wooster Collective] »10/11/10 2:45am10/11/10 2:45am

The Village Pet Store (and Charcoal Grill) Opens For Mutant Business

British concept artist Banksy opened a strange installation yesterday in Manhattan at No. 89 Seventh Avenue — it looks like a friendly pet store with appealing window displays, but turns out to be something a lot weirder. Last night, we dropped in to check out the store's stock of hyper-intelligent bunnies and fish… »10/10/08 4:40pm10/10/08 4:40pm