These sculptures reveal the muscles, bones, and organs inside toys

The internal spaces of toys are made up of cotton, plastic, and air. But these amazing sculptures reveal an entire re-imagined internal anatomy for our favorite toys — ranging from Lego man, to My Little Pony, to Barbie — complete with bones, detailed musculature, and internal organs. » 1/14/14 12:49pm 1/14/14 12:49pm

NASA teams up with Mattel to create Mars Explorer Barbie

The Red Planet is about to get a lot more pink (sorry, couldn't resist). Introducing Mars Explorer Barbie, a new spacesuited version of the famous fashion doll that was launched this week to commemorate the first anniversary of NASA's Curiosity rover landing on Mars. » 8/06/13 8:45am 8/06/13 8:45am

Barbie’s mutated proportions are even more unrealistic than we thought

Girls who yearn to have a body like Barbie's need to seriously reconsider. As this new infographic from shows, not only are her idealized proportions anatomically impossible — they would also be incredibly debilitating. » 4/18/13 8:20am 4/18/13 8:20am

Jem is getting the band back together with a whole new toy line

Barbie's plastic nemesis Jem is making a comeback. Yep, Jerrica Benton is getting the band back together with a toy line that includes the hologram-projecting A.I. Synergy. They also made a Rico Pacheco doll (we're assuming someone at Integrity Toys lost a bet) but we couldn't be more excited about the Synergy doll.… » 10/24/12 7:50am 10/24/12 7:50am

Ghost Barbie and Alien Queen Barbie trade in the dream house for BLOOD!

Color us surprised — Mattel, the makers of Barbie, are releasing this less-than-lovable new line of Barbies. A "haunted line" that includes Ghost Barbie and Alien Queen Barbie. Gah, if only they had these dolls years ago can you imagine the games? Ghost Barbie and Alien Queen Barbie fight over Ken — winner gets his… » 10/10/12 11:50am 10/10/12 11:50am

Power Loader Barbie wants you to "Get away from Skipper, you b*tch!"

Now this is the kind of toy I would've saved up for as a kid. Artist Mario Caicedo Langer has created this Power Loader Barbie sporting boots, a tiny crop-top, and a bad-ass mechanical exoskeleton perfect for kicking any xenomorph or Jem doll out an airlock. Quick, someone cobble together a Newt-inspired Skipper with a … » 9/11/12 6:40am 9/11/12 6:40am

In her dream house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu Barbie waits dreaming

Barbie's had dozens of careers, so it makes sense she'd give the vocation of "cosmic, insanity-inducing abomination" a whirl. Indeed, Sabrina Zbasnik has given the blonde icon a face full of tentacles and an authoritative wooden stick accessory with which to menace her edible cultists. As Zbansik explains of this… » 5/28/12 8:05am 5/28/12 8:05am