One Of My Favorite "Doctor-ish" Moments On Doctor Who

Classic Doctor Who producer Barry Letts had a very unique spin on the Doctor — one informed by his Buddhism and his environmentalism. And when Letts wrote the extra-long novelization of his own story "The Daemons," he included one of my favorite moments of the Doctor being kind of magical. »9/23/14 2:20am9/23/14 2:20am


Check out the Doctor Who Fan Art Created by Teenage Peter Capaldi!

Peter Capaldi just got cast as the new star of Doctor Who, and described it as a lifelong dream — but you may not have realized quite how much Capaldi dreamed about Doctor Who when he was younger. Here's some fan art of Tom Baker in the TARDIS, created by a teenage Capaldi. Update: The art is way more recent. »8/06/13 8:00pm8/06/13 8:00pm

Spend Some Quality Time With The Manliest Version of Doctor Who

Is Matt Smith's Doctor a black belt at every martial art in the universe? Did David Tennant's best mate have an epic mustache? How many car chases did Eccleston have? Jon Pertwee may or may not have been the best star of Doctor Who, but he was clearly the manliest. And some new DVDs will let you get to know him way… »6/21/13 6:55pm6/21/13 6:55pm

R.I.P. Barry Letts, The Man Who Made Doctor Who Transcendental

Barry Letts, the producer of Doctor Who from 1970 to 1974, died at the age of 84. He was responsible for introducing Buddhist themes and ideas to the series during the Jon Pertwee era, and also cast Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor. I will always think of his strange, wonderful moment in the Doctor Who And The Daemons »10/09/09 5:00pm10/09/09 5:00pm