The Bay Is A Grotesque, Giant Tongue-Eating Parasite Tease

Barry Levinson's found footage horror movie The Bay uses every single camera we can think of to deliver the chills. From phone cameras to security cameras to underwater cameras, all of the various shaky shots come together to teach us that if we don't take care of this planet, mutant parasites will strip our bodies… »10/02/12 12:30pm10/02/12 12:30pm

Concept art proves Barry Levinson's The Bay will include one of your favorite internet gross-outs

Remember the tongue-eating parasite that grossed out the entire internet? We've been wondering if it was going to make an appearance in Rain Man director Barry Levinson's new low-budget horror movie, The Bay — especially since The Bay went into production soon after that story went viral, and its original title was… »6/26/12 7:35pm6/26/12 7:35pm