The time the Hulk battled baseball, capitalism and a giant rooster

In this golden age of comic-based entertainment, it can be easy to look back at shows like 1978-82’s Incredible Hulk TV series and feel that it somehow paved the way for today’s hit superhero shows and movies. Easy… but wrong, at least if you’re looking back at The Incredible Hulk episode “The Phenom.” » 5/31/13 8:00am 5/31/13 8:00am

A friendly reminder that you are mostly nothing

Theoretical physicist Brian Greene – author of The Elegant Universe and co-founder of the World Science Festival – takes a moment out of his undoubtedly busy schedule to remind us how little we amount to once you subtract the space between some of our ittiest bits and pieces. » 4/09/13 12:53pm 4/09/13 12:53pm

Does urinating on your hands eliminate callouses?

Athletes often insert a number of superstitious rituals into their everyday routine. One of the more bizarre rituals came to light in the past decade thanks to former Major League Baseball Moises Alou, who admitted to urinating on his hands to toughen his skin and eliminate calluses. While Alou is retired, the ritual… » 11/23/12 9:00am 11/23/12 9:00am

The awesomely weird art of 1800s baseball photography

In the late 1800s, baseball players didn't have the luxury of high-tech cameras to capture their in-game bravado. Instead, players would sometimes pose with imperceptibly hung baseballs in portrait studios. » 5/31/12 2:25pm 5/31/12 2:25pm

You'll want to throw money at this deranged graphic novel about…

When comic author Mark Andrew Smith (The Amazing Joy Buzzards) and artist James Stokoe (Orc Stain) completed their "minor league baseball team versus unspeakable cosmic horrors" graphic novel Sullivan's Sluggers, something downright criminal happened — barely any comic stores ordered the book. » 5/17/12 9:40am 5/17/12 9:40am

This is how you play baseball in space

Life on the International Space Station has its ups and downs (well, technically its ups and ups or downs and downs). Thanksgiving dinner comes in bags, but the views are undeniably ravishing. Another added perk of microgravity? You can play baseball by yourself. Allow ISS astronaut Satoshi Furukawa to demonstrate. » 12/03/11 9:45am 12/03/11 9:45am