Dedicated Bat-fan builds himself a $150,000 Batcave

Meet Chris Weir. He likes Batman. A lot. You might have seen the concept art of his Batman-themed home theater last year, but now you can take a tour of the real thing, and it's pretty tremendous. » 4/26/13 9:30am 4/26/13 9:30am

This Batcave made of 20,000 LEGO bricks is fit for Bruce Wayne

But he'd probably make Alfred assemble the entire thing. Weighing in at more than 20,000 LEGO pieces and over 100 pounds, this light-up Batcave diorama by Carlyle Livingston II and Wayne Hussey comes tricked out with the Batmobile, Batboat, Batcopter, Batwing, Batplane, and a few Batcycles for good measure. (It took… » 10/10/12 5:10pm 10/10/12 5:10pm

Batcave-inspired home theater would fit right in at Wayne Manor

If you could afford to build your very own Batcave, would you use it as a headquarters for your crimefighting activities? Or would you turn it into a gorgeous home theater, where gargoyles stare down at you while you enjoy a Batman movie marathon? » 8/04/12 11:30am 8/04/12 11:30am

The Batcave's been discovered in Okinawa using Google Maps

Batman's secret hideout has been discovered using the magic of the internet, and surprisingly it's not under Wayne Manor. No, it's located on a US military base in Okinawa. Who'd have thunk? » 10/16/10 2:02pm 10/16/10 2:02pm