The Surprisingly Feminine Core of Dark Knight III

Frank Miller’s Dark Knight series has, for better or worse, been one of the most highly influential pieces of Batman media in decades—and a return to that universe is one that usually could be fraught with danger. But the first issue of The Master Race has some surprising twists to it that leave us wanting to know… »Wednesday 12:20pm11/25/15 12:20pm


On Gotham, a Show Ostensibly About Batman, a Bunch of Killer Monks Invaded an Erotic Massage Parlor

This is not a joke. It’s not a metaphor. This is me not obliquely trying to tell you how ridiculous this show is. This is something that actually occurred on last night’s episode of Gotham, and I can’t think of anything that better conveys the show’s total insanity that simply stating what happened. »Tuesday 11:02am11/24/15 11:02am

The Variant Covers For The Dark Knight III #1 Are A Treasure Trove Of Amazing Batman Art

Tomorrow, Frank Miller’s wildly influential (and batshit crazy) Dark Knight series returns with the unfortunately-named The Dark Knight III: The Master Race. Such an event has not escaped DC, and they’re putting out some spectacular variant covers to celebrate—over 50 of them, in fact. So much lovely Batman art! »Tuesday 10:30am11/24/15 10:30am

Batman '66 Was A Shining, Joyous Beacon In The Dark World Of Batman Comics

Until recently, DC desperately avoided any sort of acknowledgement of the classic 1960s Batman TV show. Not only did it not represent who Batman was now—a layered, gritty character—it was viewed as an embarrassment. That is, until Warner Bros. got the rights to merchandise the series, and DC gave us one of the most… »11/20/15 2:30pm11/20/15 2:30pm

Oh God, Frank Miller Is Going to Write a Dark Knight Returns IV, Too

Dark Knight 3: The Master Race isn’t even out yet, but co-writer Frank Miller has already announced that the trilogy has turned into a quadrilogy. Miller told Newsarama that “after he reads DK3 in full, he intends to create his own fourth chapter” which, frankly, is terrifying on about eight different levels. »11/17/15 6:00pm11/17/15 6:00pm

The Exact Moment When Justice League Unlimited Delivered the Perfect Animated Batman Story

After writing about Justice League Unlimited last week, my thoughts kept coming back to one episode in particular: “Epilogue.” It’s a story that managed to tie together so many years of Batman in such a perfect manner, it was almost the last-ever episode of the DC animated universe—and it truly understood what makes… »11/17/15 1:15pm11/17/15 1:15pm

Why Justice League Unlimited Was, and Still Is, the Best Superhero TV Show

We live in a golden age of superhero television. Hits like The Flash, Agent Carter, Arrow, and Agents of SHIELD dominate our TV screens. We champion them for their ability to bring some of the most mind-melting comic book sagas to TV—but one show did it all before them, nearly a decade ago: Justice League Unlimited. »11/13/15 3:20pm11/13/15 3:20pm

Last Night’s Gotham Was So Dumb I Can Barely—Wait, Oh God, I’ve Used This Headline Before, Haven’t I?

I’m sorry. This show keeps getting dumber, but against all odds, it somehow hasn’t gotten less entertaining. Meanwhile, last night’s episode somehow raised the bar for the show just not giving a shit. Let us begin by me giving you my very favorite example: »11/10/15 11:15am11/10/15 11:15am

The New Batman's First Outing With the Justice League Gives Jim Gordon a Moment to Shine

Jim Gordon’s Batman has finally joined the Justice League, as Bruce Wayne’s former allies realized that the damaged man can no longer be the Dark Knight. But what good can Gordon do in a team of gods and superpowered beings? The one thing he’s always been good at: Detective work. »11/09/15 10:30am11/09/15 10:30am

Spectre is Way Too Ridiculous A Movie To Take Itself So Seriously

James Bond movies are generally ridiculous, although they run the gamut from Casino Royale to Moonraker. Spectre, the new one that’s out today, is definitely one of the more ridiculous of the bunch—but holds itself with a kind of overly grim dignity, like a teenage executioner. The good news? The action sequences are… »11/06/15 11:00am11/06/15 11:00am