How Robin Might Have Looked In Tim Burton's Aborted Third Batman Film

Tim Burton was originally going to helm a third Batman movie after Batman Returns, but the studio bumped him from the director's chair in favor of Batman Forever director Joel Schumacher. But this concept art gives us one possible look for Burton's version of Robin. » 10/10/14 9:40am 10/10/14 9:40am

Did Zoe Saldana hint at the villains of Star Trek 2? Plus new trailers…

The Dark Knight Rises and The Hunger Games add more actors. John Carter of Mars and Now get new titles, while Real Steel and Harry Potter release new posters. Gaze in wonder at the silliest thing ever said about Candyland! » 5/24/11 6:00am 5/24/11 6:00am

First Photo of Tom Hardy as Bane?

The website for Christopher Nolan's third Batman film just went live, and it contains clues that lead to this picture. Which appears to be Tom Hardy as Bane. » 5/20/11 8:22am 5/20/11 8:22am

Photos and hints for Men In Black III, Total Recall, Cloud Atlas,…

The Wachowskis' Cloud Atlas movie gains some major stars. New Men In Black III pics feature a pop-art icon. A new Transformers 3 trailer gives a glimpse of John Malkovich. A Total Recall cameo is revealed. » 5/12/11 6:00am 5/12/11 6:00am

You'll never guess who's in The Avengers, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Hunger…

Spoilergeddon! New Dark Knight Rises set photos may confirm a key plot point, and the Avengers cast may have just gotten bigger. Stanley Tucci joins The Hunger Games and a Sons of Anarchy star joins Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim. » 5/10/11 6:00am 5/10/11 6:00am

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Why is this wrestler guy you've never heard of the new Batman villain?

Bane! Even the name sounds ominous. He's been confirmed as the villain of Christopher Nolan's third Batman film, but now people are wondering just who this wrestler-masked guy is. We've got you covered with our complete guide to Bane. » 1/20/11 9:00am 1/20/11 9:00am

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Leaked Dark Knight Rises script reveals the movie's plot and confirms…

A leaked The Dark Knight Rises screenplay is either the real deal or the most convincing hoax yet. Plus Joe Johnston explains why Captain America is better than his last movie, Stan Lee talks his Spider-Man reboot cameo, and more! » 1/10/11 6:00am 1/10/11 6:00am

The entire plot of Thor is revealed, plus our first glimpse of Captain…

Natalie Portman discusses the rumors that she's joining The Dark Knight Rises and the Superman reboot. A super-detailed, super-spoilery Thor plot summary hits the net. Plus a second of Captain America footage, a Spider-Man reboot set report, and much more! » 1/03/11 6:00am 1/03/11 6:00am

The Coolest and Wrongest Spoilers of 2010!

For every real piece of news, there's a hundred crazy rumors and unconfirmed reports. This year provided tons of vital hints at future well as a lot of wonderfully ridiculous rumors. Here's the coolest and wrongest spoilers of 2010. » 12/31/10 6:40pm 12/31/10 6:40pm

Hugo Strange might not be the villain of The Dark Knight Rises after…

Tom Hardy might not be playing the baddie in The Dark Knight Rises. The time travel thriller Looper has an amazing death scene. The Superman reboot might found its shooting location. Has Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter found its Lincoln? Spoilers! » 12/20/10 6:00am 12/20/10 6:00am

Two-Face is definitely out of The Dark Knight Rises. Plus the Super 8…

Today's spoiler roundup is extra crazy, as we examine reports of supposed Super 8 concept art and a villain for The Avengers. Cowboys & Aliens reimagines a classic western stunt with UFOs, while the Alien prequel hits another snag. Spoilerama! » 12/06/10 6:00am 12/06/10 6:00am

Tron Legacy director admits one special effect doesn't totally work.…

Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski is proud of his movie, but there's one major special effect that he's not happy with. Christopher Nolan is handing Superman over to Zack Snyder, and he won't say no to another Inception. Spoilers forever! » 12/02/10 6:00am 12/02/10 6:00am

New Superman could be a CGI-enhanced Watchman, plus Natalie Portman…

Zack Snyder might be looking for one of the stars of his last superhero movie to play the Man of Steel. Michael Caine lays out the rough schedule for The Dark Knight Rises. Darren Aronofsky talks The Wolverine. Spoilers alive! » 11/22/10 6:00am 11/22/10 6:00am

Is The Dark Knight Rises based on Doug Moench's "Prey"?

Christopher Nolan's third Batman film cranks into production early next year, and the rumors are flying like bats driven mad by a sonar belt. And now one site is claiming they know what Nolan's story will be based on. Spoilers? » 11/19/10 11:30am 11/19/10 11:30am

The possible identity of Tom Hardy's Dark Knight Rises character. Plus…

We've got the most reasonable speculation yet on which villain Tom Hardy might play in The Dark Knight Rises. Denis Leary could join the Spider-Man reboot, but Robert Downey Jr. is defying Gravity. Plus Avengers, Green Lantern and Doctor Who! » 11/18/10 6:00am 11/18/10 6:00am

Avatar 2 is staying on Pandora, plus why The Dark Knight Rises isn't 3D!

Avatar 2 will go underwater, but don't expect any trips off-world. Christopher Nolan's cinematographer explains why Batman isn't going 3D. Colin Farrell really is starring in Total Recall, but Zac Efron's not in Akira. Plus tons of Doctor Who/Torchwood spoilers. » 11/15/10 6:00am 11/15/10 6:00am

Mark Ruffalo is looking for the lighter side of the Hulk, and could…

The most comprehensive Green Lantern plot summary yet has hit the web... but can we trust it? The most famous X-Man might be cameoing in First Class. Time to celebrate All Spoils' Day! » 11/01/10 6:00am 11/01/10 6:00am

Batman 3 becomes "The Dark Knight Rises" and kills Riddler rumors

Official Bat-news is breaking, moments after the rumors surrounding the auditions for Chris Nolan's new female lead. We've got the official title, and the scoop on what's really happening with The Riddler. » 10/27/10 9:24am 10/27/10 9:24am

Christopher Nolan auditioning female leads for Batman 3

Christopher Nolan seems to be hard at work casting Batman 3. Just two weeks ago he nabbed Tom Hardy for his final Batman movie. And now he's reportedly looking for a leading lady — but who will she play? » 10/27/10 8:00am 10/27/10 8:00am