Batman '66 Was A Shining, Joyous Beacon In The Dark World Of Batman Comics

Until recently, DC desperately avoided any sort of acknowledgement of the classic 1960s Batman TV show. Not only did it not represent who Batman was now—a layered, gritty character—it was viewed as an embarrassment. That is, until Warner Bros. got the rights to merchandise the series, and DC gave us one of the most… »Friday 2:30pm11/20/15 2:30pm


These Kooky Batman '66 Toys Look Like Aardman Animation Puppets

Imagine if we lived in a world where, years later, Batman ‘66 was re-imagined by Wallace & Gromit creators Aardman Animation and turned into a stop-motion TV show. Not only that be THE BEST WORLD EVER, but I would imagine that the puppets looked just like these kooky, and slightly creepy, toys. »8/26/15 7:30pm8/26/15 7:30pm

Finally, Batman '66 Batgirl Has a Gloriously Glittery Action Figure

When Yvonne Craig made her debut as Batgirl for the third season of Batman, she dazzled the streets of Gotham in a ridiculously glitzy Batsuit. Now that we’re finally getting merchandise based on the classic show, Batgirl is heading to the toyshelf at last—and she’s as wonderfully glitter-laden as ever. »6/26/15 12:00am6/26/15 12:00am

10 Wacky, Must-watch Stories from Batman '66

Batman '66 is a divisive phenomenon. Die hard Bat-Fans tend to either embrace it as an alternative, quaint and comical adaptation, or lambaste it as the damaging of an Icon's reputation. If you've never seen it before, here's 10 of the most absurd stories to check out with the series' first ever home release next week. »11/06/14 2:58am11/06/14 2:58am

The '60s Batman show returns with a new comic and the best SDCC exclusive ever

It's a good time to be Adam West. The '60s Batman TV show is returning — kind of — in a new DC comic titled Batman '66, a digital-first comic based entirely on the classic, campy series. We've already mentioned how the cult-classic show will get an awesome and long-awaited action figure series, but hold onto your… »3/25/13 12:35pm3/25/13 12:35pm