Supercut: Morgan Freeman Explains Absolutely Everything

Nobody explains things better than Morgan Freeman. No matter how nonsensical, crazy or profound, everything sounds better when he explains it. We only use 10 percent of our brains? Sure. A mystical prophecy? Makes sense. But just to prove it, here are nearly 40 clips of Freeman explaining stuff. » 8/28/14 1:54pm 8/28/14 1:54pm

Watch Christian Bale's Batman audition—in Val Kilmer's suit

Each actor who auditioned for the role of Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins had to do their best Batman while wearing Val Kilmer's batsuit. Watch Christian Bale's, when he was going a bit lighter on the gravelly Batman voice. » 9/22/13 7:30am 9/22/13 7:30am

10 Influential Movies (Where Everybody Copied the Wrong Thing)

Every once in a while, a movie comes along that changes everything. A film that rewrites the rules and influences a generation of film-makers. But all too often, the people who imitate these ground-breaking movies miss the point. Here are 10 science fiction and fantasy movies from which everybody copied the wrong… » 8/20/13 10:14am 8/20/13 10:14am

ABC Family clearly has no idea what Batman is

It's hard to imagine, given Batman's popularity and ubiquity over the last 80 years, that someone would not know the basic concept behind the caped crusader. And yet, not only do some people not know what Batman is all about, those people apparently all work in ABC Family's promo department, which made the above… » 4/11/13 4:30pm 4/11/13 4:30pm

Christopher Nolan originally approached Heath Ledger to play Bruce Wayne

Hard to imagine now — but Christopher Nolan's first conversations with Heath Ledger were actually about playing Batman, not the Joker. But Ledger told Nolan that "he'd never do this kinda film," according to a talk Nolan gave last night at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. But by the time came that Nolan was casting… » 11/29/12 3:33pm 11/29/12 3:33pm

15 Science Fiction and Fantasy Characters Who Found Success After…

A lot of the characters we love from science fiction and fantasy learned how to harness their powers and intellect in school: skilled wizards, mad scientists with PhDs in horribleness, carefully trained military officers, mutant superheroes who studied T.H. White. But there are plenty of heroes and villains who… » 9/01/12 1:00pm 9/01/12 1:00pm

10 Rules of Blockbuster Movies that Hollywood Forgot

It's halfway through the summer movie season, and there's a lot of hand-wringing about the state of the Tentpole Film — yes, in spite of Avengers. This year has seen some huge high-profile flops, plus some massive films that underperformed Stateside. And meanwhile, some of the biggest films in the pipeline are having… » 6/26/12 10:00am 6/26/12 10:00am

'This isn't a car': Brand New Dark Knight Rises Concept Art!

The coolest new vehicle in Christopher Nolan's new Batman film is probably the new Batplane, which has been renamed simply the Bat. That's the vehicle that Batman tells Catwoman is not a car, just before he takes to the skies and dodges two missiles, in some of the recent Dark Knight Rises trailers — and here's some… » 6/15/12 6:20am 6/15/12 6:20am

True Stories of Animal Actors in Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies

You know how they always say that no animals were harmed in the making of a movie? It's usually true, but that doesn't mean that the animals didn't have an interesting time along the way. » 7/01/11 12:27pm 7/01/11 12:27pm

DeLoreans, Light Cycles and Landspeeders: Gorgeous Fan Art of Science…

Some of the coolest machines in science fiction are cars. Everybody from Rick Deckard to the Doctor (from Doctor Who) has rocked a cool set of wheels. And some amazing artists have reimagined these iconic vehicles. » 6/27/11 2:07pm 6/27/11 2:07pm

The REAL reason Sucker Punch will lose money

Since Sucker Punch failed to conquer the box office, there's been lots of speculation about why it was a box office failure. Was it too stylized? Was it the reviews? Did it fail to appeal to women or older adults? » 3/30/11 3:30pm 3/30/11 3:30pm

6 superhero origins Hollywood got right (and 6 that Hollywood messed up)

Now that we've seen our first Green Lantern footage, opinions are divided. But one thing's sure: the closer Hal's origin sticks to the comics, the better off we'll be. Here are six superhero origins Hollywood captured, and six they ruined. » 11/15/10 3:47pm 11/15/10 3:47pm

What do you think will come after Nolan's last Batman film?

Christopher Nolan has made it pretty clear his next Batman film will be his last. The story will be over... but the need for more Bat-films won't be. What do you think Warner Bros. will fill the Nolan void with? » 10/12/10 5:30pm 10/12/10 5:30pm

We round up Inception's early reviews. Does it live up to the hype?

Will the director of The Dark Knight rescue us from Hollywood's summer of meh? Early reviews of Christopher Nolan's Inception are out, and they promise a complex, thrilling movie. Will it live up to the hype? Some spoilers ahead. » 7/06/10 6:20am 7/06/10 6:20am

Who can save us from summer blahs? The Greatest American Hero!

So almost all your favorite TV shows are on hiatus now. But don't panic! There's still new Futurama, plus a Greatest American Hero marathon. But more importantly, some of the strangest programming of the year airs during these summer doldrums. » 6/28/10 9:00am 6/28/10 9:00am

Why Can't Movie Superheroes Save The World?

James Bond saves the world sometimes. So does Captain Kirk. But at least in the movies, superheroes don't - they're too busy fighting personal spats. Here's why superheroes on the big screen should save the damn world now and then. » 5/10/10 5:17pm 5/10/10 5:17pm

When you look at it this way, a progression becomes pretty obvious — in…

Nolan Explains What To Expect From Batman 3, Inception And The New…

Is the third Batman film Christopher Nolan's last? He makes it sound that way. Plus the director spills a few details about Inception, Hollywood's first "metaphysical heist film," and why his Superman may be the loneliest hero on the planet. » 3/11/10 6:30am 3/11/10 6:30am

Chris Nolan's Third Batman Film Confirmed

Buried in an interview with Warner Brothers President Jeff Robinov are two very exciting movie announcements: the next Dark Knight is a go, and a Wonder Woman movie might be in the works. » 2/10/10 7:00am 2/10/10 7:00am

Your Future Automotive Awesomeness: Fiction vs. Reality

The car's come a long way since Ford started mass production 100 years ago, but science fiction takes transportation even further. Here are six scenarios for the future of driving, and the real-life developments that could make them happen. » 12/10/09 10:25am 12/10/09 10:25am

Johnny Depp Is Not In The Next Nolan Batman, Sorry

Check your Johnny Depp Riddler dreams at the door: there will be no Depp in the next Batman film. So says the man that helped fuel those rumors, Michael Caine. » 9/22/09 7:00am 9/22/09 7:00am