Toonami Becomes A Toon-Trickle, Then Subsides

It started as a mighty wave, but the Cartoon Network's action-anime programming block Toonami dwindled to nothing and then splashed harmlessly into the gutter. The Network finally put the Toonami block, which had played host to such classics as Gundam » 9/23/08 1:00pm 9/23/08 1:00pm and , out of its misery as of last Saturday. This coming Saturday…

First Look at New, Light-Saturated Gotham City in Batman Anime

It's a slightly different Gotham city in the direct-to-DVD animated movie Batman: Gotham Knight. The city proves it deserves to be name-checked in the DVD's title, with some startling vistas including new and stranger gargoyles, weird searchlights and even a giant ferris wheel. The city of dark spires suddenly has a… » 5/30/08 12:20pm 5/30/08 12:20pm

Maximum Spoilers For Indiana Jones And Hancock

There are just three batches of spoilers this morning, but they're all pretty heavy duty. The first set of full reviews of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull have come out, and they explain way more about the reasons for that movie's title. Also, there was another test screening for Will Smith's… » 5/09/08 6:00am 5/09/08 6:00am

Bring On The Anime Monsters. Batman's Ready.

Some of the things Batman will have in this summer's animated DVD anthology Gotham Knight: 1) Glowy red eyes that give him some kind of infrared vision. 2) Little finger-sized Batarangs that he can throw a bunch of at once. 3) A flying Bat-glider that lets him glide through the ominous skyline of Gotham. 4) A torn… » 4/15/08 2:00pm 4/15/08 2:00pm