The New Batmobile May Be Built By The GM Team Behind Transformers

In case you haven't heard, Ben Affleck will be the next Batman, and he's picking himself a fight with Superman in his next movie outing. Of course, Batman has to have a Batmobile, and the word is that General Motors is on the case. » 10/30/13 1:00pm 10/30/13 1:00pm

Judge rules that it's illegal to sell custom Batmobiles because the…

California resident Mark Towle runs car customizing shop Gotham Garage, which makes replicas of cars from TVs and movies. Naturally, Batmobiles were on the menu, at least until Warner Bros. smacked Towle with a lawsuit for violating its intellectual property. Now a U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Lew judge has ruled… » 2/10/13 4:00pm 2/10/13 4:00pm

The original Batmobile is going on sale for the first time

Before the 1966 Batman TV series first aired, auto customizer George Barris purchased a 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car from the Ford Motor Company for $1, a car he would transform into the iconic Batmobile. Since then, the car has never been sold, remaining an unobtainable piece of pop culture memorabilia. This… » 12/02/12 8:30am 12/02/12 8:30am

The weirdest superhero vehicles (that aren't the Batmobile)

Ah, the Batmobile. Bruce Wayne's jalopy has gone through oodles of iterations ranging from Adam West his-and-his windshields to Christian Bale's wheeled samurai empanada. But on some occasions, the Batmobile won't suffice. Here are the unsung vehicles of comics. » 6/27/11 11:30am 6/27/11 11:30am