The Information Age Is Over. Welcome to the Infrastructure Age.

Nobody wants to say it outright, but the Apple Watch sucks. So do most smartwatches. Every time I use my beautiful Moto 360, its lack of functionality makes me despair. But the problem isn’t our gadgets. It’s that the future of consumer tech isn’t going to come from information devices. It’s going to come from… »5/01/15 10:48am5/01/15 10:48am

Everything You Need to Know About Tesla's New Household Batteries

Tesla unveiled a new product line at its design studio in LA tonight. It’s called Tesla Energy and it’s a suite of batteries for homes and for businesses. The existence of the batteries has been one of the worst kept secrets of all time. But we are here at the announcement event and finally have some details. And… »5/01/15 3:33am5/01/15 3:33am

What Are Capacitors and Will They Really Charge Your Phone in Seconds?

Your phone died. Again. In these scenarios, who among us has not dreamed the dream of a future where our devices charge instantly and last forever. As capacitors—or even more exciting, ultracapacitors—get better and better at storing energy, they could replace batteries and realize at least one half of that dream. »2/02/15 1:34pm2/02/15 1:34pm

New fuel cell could power your gadgets with energy from calories

Another day, another breakthrough in battery technology, guaranteed to change our lives. This one is powered by mitochondria, tiny organelles inside cells which could suck the energy out of anything with calories — like soda or oil. Sure it would be awesome, but we constantly hear of amazing battery breakthroughs, and… »8/27/10 6:30pm8/27/10 6:30pm