​The 14 Least Competent Alien Invaders of All Time

There have been many times when the Earth has been at the mercy of alien invaders. And there have been more than a few times where haven't — not because of our weapons, our savagery, or our inner strength — but because the aliens themselves were morons. Here are 14 alien invaders who did not think their invasions… » 12/16/13 10:01am 12/16/13 10:01am

10 Movie Flops That Totally Deserved It

Lone Ranger got treated to some rough justice at the box office this last weekend, and nobody shed a tear. But it's not the first flop that actually deserved its fate. Even though plenty of decent movies tank for dumb reasons, sometimes justice really is served. Here are 10 movies that bombed because they were awful. » 7/09/13 10:27am 7/09/13 10:27am

The Worst Science Fiction Movie Ever Made, According to You

After weeks of hot debating, io9's readers have now officially picked the very worst science fiction movie of all time, in our March Madness bracket. And the winner is... Battlefield Earth. In celebration we will be speaking in John Travolta's insane Psychlo accent for the rest of the day. Congratulations, rat brains! » 4/03/12 3:28pm 4/03/12 3:28pm

The Final Showdown For The Worst Scifi Movie Ever Made: Battlefield…

This is it, after many long weeks of battles and MAJOR upsets — Phantom Menace losing to Superman IV! — Battlefield Earth and underdog Catwoman are in the final showdown. Only one can win the crown of worst movie ever made! Decide now! » 4/02/12 12:25pm 4/02/12 12:25pm

io9's March Movie Madness reaches the Final Four: Battlefield Earth vs.

It's time to vote on which two titans of terrible science fiction will battle it out in our championship game. Will Catwoman's underdog run continue against The Last Airbender? And who makes the worst scifi: John Travolta or Eddie Murphy? » 3/29/12 12:20pm 3/29/12 12:20pm

Choose the 4 Worst Science Fiction Movies Ever: The Last Airbender Vs. …

We're down to the Elite Eight in our quest to find the worst science fiction movie ever made. Who will it be? Mac & Me or Catwoman? Battlefield Earth or Batman & Robin? The time to vote is now! » 3/27/12 11:40am 3/27/12 11:40am

Mitt Romney's favorite book has changed from Battlefield Earth to…

Perennial GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney caused a stir in 2007 when he said he really loved L. Ron Hubbard's notoriously awful Battlefield Earth. (The book, not the movie.) So this time around, he came up with a better choice. » 6/01/11 2:20pm 6/01/11 2:20pm

Disaster, Immortalized.

Last week Annalee told me that io9 was going to devote a week to "Disasters", and wondered if I'd like to do something special. Disaster being my "thing," I said yes. » 11/28/10 7:45am 11/28/10 7:45am

Forget Nuking The Fridge. It's All About The Post-Apocalyptic iPod!

Ever since Indiana Jones climbed into a refrigerator to escape a nuclear blast, we've all used "nuking the fridge" to describe cinematic implausibilty. But one new movie gives us a much better replacement: the post-apocalyptic iPod. Spoilers below... » 1/11/10 1:03pm 1/11/10 1:03pm

The Best of Science Fiction's Oppressed Species

District 9's crustacean aliens may be the first extraterrestrials to experience South Africa's apartheid, but they're hardly the first species to feel the sting of oppression. We list science fiction's other downtrodden, enslaved, and dehumanized (so to speak) species. » 8/18/09 3:30pm 8/18/09 3:30pm

I've Found A Movie I Like More Than Most People - Sadly, it's…

Literally because you asked for it, I watched Battlefield Earth and was surprised to discover that... Well, it's not really that bad. I mean, it's not good by any sense of the imagination, but still. » 4/12/09 12:00pm 4/12/09 12:00pm

Plan My Summer Viewing - And Your Summer Reading

As we head into Spring, one thing becomes obvious: There aren't that many shows on TV for us to recap anymore. So what should we be watching instead? It's time for you to tell us. » 4/04/09 3:00pm 4/04/09 3:00pm

John Travolta Shows Off His Nasal Appliance

No one scene could ever contain all there is to love about the psychotic trainwreck that is Battlefield Earth (based on the novel by L. Ron "Scientology" Hubbard). But this moment is one of the better ones. John Travolta and Forest Whitaker (oh Forest, how could you?) are Psychlons, aliens from planet Psychlon (duh)… » 7/14/08 5:35pm 7/14/08 5:35pm

We All Secretly Want To Eat Dog Food In Hell

Lately, it seems like we see civilization crushed into rubble every other week. In the past year or so, we had 28 Weeks Later, I Am Legend, Resident Evil: Extinction, Sunshine, Children of Men, and Nightmare City 2035. Back in 2000, the only ruined-Earth film was Battlefield Earth. Why the sudden rise? It's not… » 1/09/08 9:00am 1/09/08 9:00am

Bring Home The Head Of Arnold Schwarzenegger

A genuine casting of Arnie's head from Batman & Robin is just one of the bizarre movie props available on eBay right now. You can also own the robot head of Robin Williams from Bicentennial Man, and the original helmet from the Rocketeer movie. Or if your loved ones are really obsessive, you can get them some even… » 12/11/07 3:00pm 12/11/07 3:00pm