In this week's comics, it's Batmen and Battlepugs

What first issues are in stores on the Fourth of July? Another Before Watchmen miniseries — Ozymandias, this time by Len Wein and Jae Lee. Other debuts tomorrow include DC Comics' new He-Man series, Zak Penn's superhero book Hero Worship, Joe Hill's The Cape: 1969, and Steve Gerber's final Man-Thing story in the … » 7/03/12 1:15pm 7/03/12 1:15pm

The cutest killer kaiju are no match for the “Battlepug”

Battlepug is a revenge webcomic with an adorable twist. A barbarian warrior sees his entire village destroy by a deadly (but super cute) baby seal and sets off on a quest to find his true destiny: rider of the Battlepug. » 7/16/11 7:00am 7/16/11 7:00am