io9's March TV Madness: Vote Now for the Final Four Science Fiction and Fantasy TV Classics!

We've now reached the Elite Eight in our quest to find the great sci-fi and fantasy TV shows of all time. We've got some fierce match-ups for you to vote on today: Star Trek vs. Fringe! The X-Files vs. Game of Thrones! Doctor Who vs. the BSG reboot! The Twilight Zone vs. Star Trek: The Next Generation! The polls are… »3/22/13 3:00pm3/22/13 3:00pm


"Technology is Another Version of Communism or Aliens or a Large Praying Mantis"

Does science fiction appeal mainly to audiences who are ignorant about how technology works? That seems to be the message from creators of some of TV's most innovative science fiction, who talked to Variety about why viewers are hot for tech-centric shows. Some of last seasons's best new shows were about technology… »6/05/08 2:26pm6/05/08 2:26pm

What Scifi Fascist Regime Would You Rather Live Under?

Science fiction is full of fascist governments, especially in the decades after World War II, but some of them just seem like more fun than others. But some scifi fascists don't seem like they would govern that well — for example, the BBC series Doctor Who clearly uses the cyborg Daleks as a metaphor for the Nazis,… »2/26/08 3:30pm2/26/08 3:30pm