​What to do when you fall out of fandom

You know what I just remembered? Mailboxes. Real postmen in the olden times used to have to get mail out of and put mail into mailboxes. Nowadays, people just send their kids out to hold letters for me to snatch out of their hands while riding by on my horse. These kids have to stand there for hours. Sometimes in the… » 11/27/13 8:14am 11/27/13 8:14am

Instellar Jihad Tears the Classic Battletech Universe Apart

The Inner Sphere has descended into chaos, as a band of techno-religious fanatics wage war on the former Star League systems. Fire up your mechs and get ready to defend civilization itself against the Word of Blake's 14-year holy war in Jihad Hot Spots: 3072 » 8/04/08 3:00pm 8/04/08 3:00pm. Whether you command a lance of mechs for some Classic…

Five Scifi Miniatures Games That Are Maximally Cool

There are few things in life quite as satisfying as commanding your cyborg hordes to wage war against the grognard across the kitchen table. Whether you prefer to blast Darkseid with your heat vision or lead a heavy lance in a raid against one of the Inner Sphere houses, miniatures games will meet your need for… » 4/09/08 8:40am 4/09/08 8:40am

Your Giant Robot Deathmatch MMORPG is Here, and It's Free

If you've ever wanted to climb into a giant, customizable battle robot and have blazing gun and sword fights with other giant robots, your desires are about to be fulfilled. You can do it all, for free, in the new MMORPG Exteel. Filled with Robotech-style mechs waging war in a series of futuristic environments,… » 4/01/08 11:24am 4/01/08 11:24am