2013 Was an Absurdly Great Year for Comics

Have you heard the phrase "an embarrassment of riches"? Well, that's what 2013 was in terms of great comics — even with all the time in the world, we couldn't tell you about all the wonderful stories that came out of mainstream and indie publishers alike over the last 12 months. Here's what we consider the very best,… » 12/19/13 1:25pm 12/19/13 1:25pm

Brad Pitt And Battling Boy To Take On Monsters, Cinema

We've seen him as a Vegas hustler, a crazy time-traveler, an assassin with marital problems and even as Achilles himself. But Brad Pitt may just have bitten off more action than he can chew with new project Battling Boy » 11/06/08 11:41am 11/06/08 11:41am. The movie - to be adapted from an as-yet unreleased graphic novel by io9 favorite Paul Pope - has…