Tongue-eating parasites and internet journalism are your worst nightmares in The Bay

The Bay was produced by the same people who made Sinister, and so I suppose it makes sense that both films are horror stories inspired by viral pictures on the web. While Sinister's scary Mr. Boogie was based on a picture pulled from Flickr, the Big Bad in The Bay is modeled on a famous photo of a real-life parasite… » 11/02/12 12:01pm 11/02/12 12:01pm

Upcoming Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies That Aren't Remakes, Sequels or Prequels

They're rebooting Spider-Man. They're remaking Total Recall. Sometimes, when you're in the middle of summer movie craziness, it can seem like every movie is based on an already-existing movie. But that's not really true — there are actually tons of genre movies in development that are new concepts, at least as far as… » 6/27/12 11:15am 6/27/12 11:15am

Concept art proves Barry Levinson's The Bay will include one of your favorite internet gross-outs

Remember the tongue-eating parasite that grossed out the entire internet? We've been wondering if it was going to make an appearance in Rain Man director Barry Levinson's new low-budget horror movie, The Bay — especially since The Bay went into production soon after that story went viral, and its original title was… » 6/26/12 4:35pm 6/26/12 4:35pm

Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus Actress Debbie Gibson Hints At Sequel: Mega Seahorse?

Yes, yes that Debbie Gibson, from "Lost in Your Eyes," is teasing us with the possibility of a sequel to Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus. "I haven't seen the final edit, but we did do a version that leaves the door open for a potential sequel," Gibson revealed to MTV. "Because God knows what else is in the ocean. I… » 5/13/09 4:46pm 5/13/09 4:46pm

The Bayhem Has Wrapped On Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen

According the Michael Bay's blog Transformers 2 » 11/06/08 9:30am 11/06/08 9:30am is a wrap. Over at Bay's official blog the news is that "As of this week, principal photography for has ended." Now the hard part, actually making transforming robots and editing out Shia LaBeoufs "no, no no, no, no" stutters, we wish you awesomeness. []