Tongue-eating parasites and internet journalism are your worst nightmares in The Bay

The Bay was produced by the same people who made Sinister, and so I suppose it makes sense that both films are horror stories inspired by viral pictures on the web. While Sinister's scary Mr. Boogie was based on a picture pulled from Flickr, the Big Bad in The Bay is modeled on a famous photo of a real-life parasite… »11/02/12 3:01pm11/02/12 3:01pm


Upcoming Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies That Aren't Remakes, Sequels or Prequels

They're rebooting Spider-Man. They're remaking Total Recall. Sometimes, when you're in the middle of summer movie craziness, it can seem like every movie is based on an already-existing movie. But that's not really true — there are actually tons of genre movies in development that are new concepts, at least as far as… »6/27/12 2:15pm6/27/12 2:15pm

Concept art proves Barry Levinson's The Bay will include one of your favorite internet gross-outs

Remember the tongue-eating parasite that grossed out the entire internet? We've been wondering if it was going to make an appearance in Rain Man director Barry Levinson's new low-budget horror movie, The Bay — especially since The Bay went into production soon after that story went viral, and its original title was… »6/26/12 7:35pm6/26/12 7:35pm

Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus Actress Debbie Gibson Hints At Sequel: Mega Seahorse?

Yes, yes that Debbie Gibson, from "Lost in Your Eyes," is teasing us with the possibility of a sequel to Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus. "I haven't seen the final edit, but we did do a version that leaves the door open for a potential sequel," Gibson revealed to MTV. "Because God knows what else is in the ocean. I… »5/13/09 7:46pm5/13/09 7:46pm