Michael Bay Movies, Or: Why Your Eyes Love What Your Brain Hates

We're big fans of Tony Zhou's cinematic analyses, but we're especially fond of his recent breakdown of Michael Bay's visual approach, which manages to acknowledge the director's knack for spectacle while identifying him as a slave to his own system – a gratuitous, over-evolved action style we love to hate. »7/05/14 1:03pm7/05/14 1:03pm


Transformers 4 is coming. Also, Michael Bay won't stop directing Transformers movies until the heat death of the universe.

Michael Bay is rebooting his own franchise...that is only six years old. In two summers, Bay will release Transformers 4, thus continuing the Bayhem. This is not entirely surprising, given that the vremp-vremp-vremp movies print their own money. On the plus side, maybe this "reboot" means they'll kill off Shia… »2/14/12 10:55am2/14/12 10:55am

Imax Transformers Screening Will Have Additional Robot Fights To Confuse You With

Michael Bay's preferred method of watching robot fights is IMAX, all the way. Why? Because he added special scenes to his Transformers movie just for the ginormous screen. "I created a slightly longer cut with more robot fighting." Bay told fans on his message boards. "Four scenes were shot on IMAX cameras, so the… »6/08/09 12:30pm6/08/09 12:30pm