Beasts of the Southern Wild: You've never seen a movie like this before

This year's movies share a couple of major preoccupations: the apocalypse, and fables. One obsession has to do with our sheer terror about the future, while the other has to do with our longing for an idealized past. So it's jolting and thrilling to watch a movie like Beasts of the Southern Wild, which takes both of… »7/06/12 12:00pm7/06/12 12:00pm

The Making of a Modern Fable: Inside Beasts of the Southern Wild

Beasts of the Southern Wild isn't like other movies you've seen lately. It's a really wild and beautiful movie that manages to combine magical realism with an apocalyptic sense of doom, all seen through the eyes of a six-year-old girl. But how did something this strikingly beautiful and different emerge? How did a… »7/03/12 6:02pm7/03/12 6:02pm

The first enchanting clip from Beasts of the Southern Wild

We are completely delighted by Wink, Hushpuppy, Sticks, Walrus, and the rest of the townspeople from Bathtub in beloved indie flick Beasts of the Southern Wild. And we're even more smitten in this first-ever clip where Hushpuppy raises a blue-limbed crab to her ear like a phone, no doubt listening to the universe or… »6/07/12 1:25pm6/07/12 1:25pm

Beasts of the Southern Wild is beautiful, operatic and filled with rampaging ice age creatures

The Beasts of the Southern Wild is very much one of the most buzzed films at Sundance right now. Everyone either loves it or respects it greatly. Whether or not this movie about a young girl facing a flood and terrible hog-monsters catches on with a wider audience remains to be seen — but I feel confident saying that… »1/24/12 4:27pm1/24/12 4:27pm