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Beautiful People is like Stepford Wives meets Blade Runner

Thought-provoking science fiction is in short supply on network TV in the U.S. — so it's a hopeful sign that NBC has ordered a pilot for Beautiful People. In this near-future-set show, human-appearing robots live among us, as the perfect slaves. What could possibly go wrong? » 1/11/12 4:44pm 1/11/12 4:44pm

Could NBC's Beautiful People be the new Caprica?

We still miss Caprica for its explorations of artificial intelligence and grief, in the context of a very different society. So it could be excellent news that Syfy's sister network, NBC, is apparently serious about making a new show that explores some of the same ideas. We heard a while ago that NBC was pursuing a… » 1/03/12 8:20am 1/03/12 8:20am

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