Meet the two hottest average people on the planet

These two good-looking characters are made from composites of other pictures. It's been known for some time that, if many people's faces are collected into a composite, the result is a more attractive face. This woman's face is a combination of 64 real pictures of women, and the man's face is a combination of 32 real… » 10/20/11 9:20am 10/20/11 9:20am

The makers of The Sagan Series bring you The Feynman Series

Many of you are probably familiar with The Sagan Series, a collection of videos that pays tribute to the inspirational words of astrophysics-giant Carl Sagan. (And if you're not familiar with the series, you owe it to yourself to check it out immediately, starting with this emotionally stirring first installment). » 10/03/11 11:55am 10/03/11 11:55am

"Beauty Machine" Makes Every Face a Pretty Face

Beauty is not the stuff of poetry anymore; it can be quantified and generated automatically via computer. At least, that's the claim of a group of researchers in Israel who have built a new software tool that can convert any face into the face of a supermodel. Computer scientist Daniel Cohen-Or, lead researcher on… » 11/06/08 4:35pm 11/06/08 4:35pm