Can Fringe's Walter Bishop keep the entire world from coming apart at…

What are Doctor Who's creeptastic new monsters planning? Who is Fringe's mysterious bowling-alley guru? What does young Bran remember on Game of Thrones? What does Eve want with Supernatural's Sam and Dean? And which horrifying epidemic could bankrupt America? » 4/25/11 9:00am 4/25/11 9:00am

All of Time and Space, Anywhere and Everywhere: Doctor Who is back!

Only one man can go anywhere in the universe, and any time in history — and this week, he's coming to your house. Doctor Who is back at last, with a mind-bending trip to the 1960s. » 4/18/11 9:00am 4/18/11 9:00am

Westeros comes to life as Game of Thrones debuts on HBO!

The long-awaited first episode of HBO's Game of Thrones launches this week, as one of the most ambitious television productions of all time comes to your screens at last. Also on television, Walter Bishop has some "special" sugar cubes. » 4/11/11 9:00am 4/11/11 9:00am

The most messed-up parody of Doctor Who's tin dog ever. Plus Ozzy…

A man from the future travels back in time to stalk a failed romance novelist. Stargate's Joe Flanigan gets trapped on a bizarre, deadly planet. Ozzy Osbourne becomes the Earth Troll and teaches about recycling. Meet K-999 the robot dog. » 4/04/11 9:00am 4/04/11 9:00am

This is the week of Chewbacca!

Let the Wookiee win the battle for your TV remote this week. Chewbacca comes to Star Wars: The Clone Wars for its one-hour season finale. Also: Superjail! is back on Cartoon Network. Camelot makes King Arthur gritty. » 3/28/11 9:00am 3/28/11 9:00am

This week's TV includes Batman and Superman, the Mongolian Death Worm,…

What's going on with Fauxlivia? We'll find out Friday. But also, this week's television offers a Superman/Batman team-up, the truth about the Mongolian Death Worm, and Lauren Holly and Lance Henriksen fighting a Banshee. » 3/21/11 9:00am 3/21/11 9:00am

Pee-Wee Herman takes over HBO! And your future self gives useless…

This week's television holds many wonders: The return of Pee-Wee Herman! Isaiah Mustafa is back on Chuck. "Our" universe's Lincoln Lee appears on Fringe, and we've got the first clip. V's season finale goes all out! » 3/14/11 9:00am 3/14/11 9:00am

Aliens will destroy the world if America's first black president and…

Aliens have it in for us on television this week. They're attacking on The Event, they're firing up reactors on V, they're facing off on Stargate Universe...and they're invading Los Angeles. Yes, there's a Battle of Los Angeles TV movie. » 3/07/11 9:00am 3/07/11 9:00am

Tricia Helfer is an evil mind-controller who seduces and destroys

Tricia Helfer has the most devastating power of all — she can control your mind and body. We say a tearful goodbye to The Cape, and welcome back all of your animated favorites. Bikini-clad ninjas attack! And much, much more. » 2/28/11 9:50am 2/28/11 9:50am

Bruce Boxleitner and Rachel Miner fight an escaped alien prisoner with…

You didn't get to see much of Bruce Boxleitner as Tron in Tron Legacy, but you can see a lot of him fighting nasty aliens this Saturday in a new film from After Dark Originals. » 2/21/11 9:00am 2/21/11 9:00am

The original Being Human is back! Can you handle it?

This week on television, the original British Being Human returns to America's screens. And it looks like yet another one of the other shoes is dropping on Fringe. Clark inches closer to wearing a costume on Smallville, and Dean reunites with his surrogate family on Supernatural. And you'll never guess who's getting… » 2/14/11 9:00am 2/14/11 9:00am

Watch Tiffany and Debbie Gibson cat-fight (and hunt giant monsters!)

What television has to offer this week: the U.S. debut of time-traveling soap opera Being Erica. The return of Supernatural, Archer and Smallville. Tiffany and Debbie Gibson have a pie-fight, and still somehow cope with a Mega-Python and a Gatoroid. » 1/24/11 9:00am 1/24/11 9:00am

George Clooney joins Alfonso Cuaron's space epic Gravity, plus Edgar…

Alfonso Cuaron has finally got two big stars for his astronaut epic. The onslaught of Doctor Who spoilers continues, and Edgar Wright discusses possibly working on the show. Seth Green talks Robot Chicken and his super-secret Star Wars cartoon. Spoilerama! » 12/17/10 6:00am 12/17/10 6:00am