Why We'll Miss Syfy's Being Human

Last night, Syfy's American reboot of Being Human came to an end. It wasn't hard to say goodbye, because the series left on its own terms. But we're still sad to watch these wonderful monsters go. Here's why. » 4/08/14 9:12pm 4/08/14 9:12pm

Being Human just rebooted the whole series. Here's why that's great.

I loved last night's episode of Being Human. Itwas super duper bold, ridiculously fan servicey, and a lot of fun. So much fun. Seriously, this show found the fun and brought it back. Thank goodness. » 3/04/14 6:00pm 3/04/14 6:00pm

Being Human is back to its old self. Finally.

Being Human is back, kind of. Honestly still not sure what to make of this season, but at least the show is starting to feel like its old self again. » 2/18/14 7:06pm 2/18/14 7:06pm

A werewolf, a vampire and a ghost talk about the magic of menstruation

The second episode of Being Human's new season didn't really need to be a whole episode — but that's OK, because it did have this completely batshit insane scene. In which a bunch of supernatural creatures talk about the magic behind the menses. And now we all have to live with that. Spoilers ahead... » 1/21/14 6:00pm 1/21/14 6:00pm

Being Human's season premiere goes crazy dark with a Reverse Werewolf

Being Human is back and even darker than before! Suicide attempts, bloody spa baths, and sexual switheroos mark the fourth season of this supernatural soap. We're about to see a lot of big, big changes for our gaggle of misfit monsters. » 1/14/14 4:32pm 1/14/14 4:32pm

When Being Human is on, it's the best thing ever

Hot damn, it's like the first season of Being Human all over again! This show finally got back to being highly emotional and exceptionally adorable. In last night's episode, each monster's curse catches up with them, and the result is sad but also kind of awesome. Because these supernatural flatmates are a lot more… » 3/05/13 3:18pm 3/05/13 3:18pm

Being Human rediscovers its banter sweet spot

Last night's Being Human was a fantastic return to all things bantery and beautiful. This is the US Being Human we want! All three monsters were given hearty helpings of fantastic dialogue topped by interesting dilemmas. We even liked Aidan's strange new delusions. Plus, the two dead girls from the skinless Henry… » 2/12/13 5:09pm 2/12/13 5:09pm

A vampire and a zombie walk into a bar... to swing dance?

Last night the monsters grieved — by dancing. SO MUCH dancing. Aidan danced, Sally danced, Josh danced with his fists on some dirtbags face. The tiny dancers of that supernatural Boston apartment on Being Human got down with their sad selves last night. » 2/05/13 4:16pm 2/05/13 4:16pm

Being Human adopts a werepuppy!

Last night Being Human adopted a brand new werepuppy. And like all new puppy owners across the land, Nora and Josh prepared themselves by buying a gun and taking off all their clothes (it's for paper-training OBVIOUSLY). And while the happy couple was welcoming the newest member of their supernatural club, Aidan and… » 1/29/13 3:30pm 1/29/13 3:30pm

Being Human's third season changes everything!

Being Human is back with a whole load of changes. The werewolf, the vampire and the ghost are no more. Now it's more like the human, the zombie and the vampires. Things are very different for our dear little monsters, so let's just hope there's room in that rickety old Boston home for everyone. » 1/22/13 5:19pm 1/22/13 5:19pm

Where Being Human went wrong this season

Did anyone understand what happened during last night's season finale of Being Human? After last week's saddest episode ever, Being Human opted to conclude its soap operatic trend, with a collection of the most miserable decisions ever made, tied together with a shoe-horned theme about parenthood. Has this show… » 4/10/12 3:50pm 4/10/12 3:50pm

The Saddest Episode of Being Human Ever

Last night's Being Human was the saddest episode ever to kick a were-puppy. Get out the clove smokes, kids — things just got emo. But thankfully, for a show campaigning for the award of "most emotionally exhaustive series on TV," we still enjoyed it. It was definitely a step up from last week. » 4/03/12 10:17pm 4/03/12 10:17pm

The Problem with Syfy's Being Human, Presented in Two Telltale Clips

What started off as a charming episode of Being Human spiraled right back down the toilet of soap opera cliches and Grey's Anatomy "if we play the sad music really, really loud then the audience will have to feel something, right?" TV making. How can a show with so much chemistry turn stale so swiftly? » 3/27/12 4:49pm 3/27/12 4:49pm

Being Human does Days of Our Lives' Possessed Marlena story

Remember that old Days Of Our Lives storyline where Marlena was possessed by a demon and spent 10 years floating over her bed? Last night, Being Human borrowed the voice and contacts from Marlena, slapped them on Sally, and then told everyone she's sleeping with her alternate personality. I dont even know what to do… » 3/20/12 6:01pm 3/20/12 6:01pm

Skinless Vampire Sex Parties + Jay Baruchel = The Best Being Human

After two episodes that were 99% supernatural jibber- jabber and vampire politics, Being Human finally returned to the dirty kiddie pool we prefer to splash about it. That is, watching people use their superpowers to get laid (or eat). Because let's be honest, if you were a ghost with nothing better to do who could… » 3/13/12 2:20pm 3/13/12 2:20pm

Being Human manages to make a wholesale vampire massacre boring

I don't know what to do with this week'sBeing Human. This entire episode felt like a large "PLACE HOLDER HERE" index card, a wobbly bridge that hopefully leads to a new set of drama. » 3/06/12 3:57pm 3/06/12 3:57pm

The big bad twist that reminded us why we love Syfy's Being Human

At first, it seemed like Being Human was dragging a little bit last night. Things weren't matching up quite right, jokes weren't hitting (one Google maps quip hit the floor like a wet sack of cats). But then wizz, bang, ba-da boom — Being Human grabbed our ears and hissed, "Pay Attention You!" And we did. This is why. » 2/28/12 3:59pm 2/28/12 3:59pm