Why We're Quitting Alfonso Cuarón's Believe

When we first heard that director Alfonso Cuarón was working on a television series about a superpowered girl, we were excited, although that excitement faded with the rapid turnover of series showrunners and rumblings of major changes to the original concept. Now, six episodes into the show, we're ready to quit … » 4/14/14 4:40pm 4/14/14 4:40pm

Believe Is Turning Bo Into A Creepy Child

The superpowered child trope often goes hand-in-hand with creepy children: think the Midwich Cuckoos, Damien, Samara. In spite of Believe's best efforts to convince us that psychic Bo is all sweetness and light, she is veering into creepy child territory—and it actually makes her a bit more interesting. » 4/07/14 4:40pm 4/07/14 4:40pm

Believe Needs To Quit It With The Happy Endings

Believe is a show built on quick, uplifting stories. Bo comes in, solves everyone's problems with her various superpowers and then moves on. But the show would actually be much better if it didn't insist ending each episode with a tidy and expected happily ever after. » 3/31/14 4:40pm 3/31/14 4:40pm

Does Believe Even Know What It's Doing with Bo?

Bo's "help an unhappy person" arc this week was too easy, and too dependent on coincidences. It seems the writers are more interested in focusing on the show's secondary characters—who aren't exactly riveting, but still more intriguing than our superpowered girl. » 3/24/14 4:40pm 3/24/14 4:40pm

Believe's Second Episode is a Vast Improvement Over the Pilot

Believe's pilot was a disappointing pile of saccharine wrapped up in a story about a superpowered girl, but its second episode is much meatier. It suggests that there may be no true bad guys in this series—which makes the world of Believe much more complex and much more interesting. » 3/17/14 4:40pm 3/17/14 4:40pm

Believe is cliché-filled schmaltz—but it isn't hopeless

After the thrill ride that was Gravity, the pilot episode for Believe, directed and co-created by Alfonso Cuarón, was a disappointment. It's a sentimental piece of television, one that is more interested in building visual sequences than connect us to its characters. » 3/11/14 10:30am 3/11/14 10:30am