How L.A.'s "Last Bookstore" evolved from post-apocalyptic to magical

When Josh Spencer decided to open a bookstore called the Last Bookstore in Los Angeles, he pictured it as a post-apocalyptic thing — the Last Bookstore on Earth. But now that he's moved to a much larger space, an old bank headquarters in an Art Nouveau building, quirky weirdness has taken over. » 10/01/13 12:39pm 10/01/13 12:39pm

A Brand new Science Fiction Bookstore in Brooklyn — With a Mission to…

There aren't as many science fiction specialty bookstores are there used to be, thanks to the onslaught of Borders and Amazon — so it's great news to hear of a brand new SF store opening in Brooklyn. Singularity & Co. is having its opening party tonight, and should be open for business soon. » 8/09/12 4:01pm 8/09/12 4:01pm

One of the country's best science fiction bookstores expands to a…

There are now two Mysterious Galaxies in Southern California. The beloved San Diego bookstore Mysterious Galaxy is opening a second location in Redondo Beach. And it'll be twice the square-footage of the original store, occupying about 4,000 square feet of a 6,000 square foot building. [Bookweb] » 2/25/11 3:09pm 2/25/11 3:09pm

Germ Books in Philly is Post-Apocalyptic Pleasure

Last week, we profiled a beloved local scifi bookstore in San Francisco, Borderlands. This week, Dave writes in to rave about Germ Books, a Philadelphia bookstore and art gallery specializing in cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic fiction, and conspiracy theories. Here you can see Wred and Crazy Carl, two members of the … » 1/17/08 4:30pm 1/17/08 4:30pm