Emerson Explains Why Ben Is Such A Punching Bag

With Lost's season finale airing next Wednesday, Ben in a position he's never been in before: the underdog. Surely Ben has some tricks up his sleeve? We asked Michael Emerson what to expect. With spoilers! » 5/08/09 2:29pm 5/08/09 2:29pm

Night At The Museum 2 Trailer Has Adorable Amy Adams And Terrible…

The first Night At The Museum was a whimsical little fantasy flick for all ages — except for Ben Stiller's obnoxious delivery. Can new additions Amy Adams and Bill Hader rescue the sequel? » 12/22/08 8:00am 12/22/08 8:00am

Lost Promises Two More Boring Seasons

Showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have outlined the end of Lost all the way through season six, and it sounds like you might want to check out Watching Paint Dry on the DIY Channel instead. Learn how Lost ends, after the jump. » 2/27/08 10:05am 2/27/08 10:05am

Locke and I Want Answers!

You know what I could use right about now? An old-school SCTV parody of Lost, with Catherine O'Hara as Juliet, Andrea Martin as Kate, Eugene Levy as Jack, Rick Moranis as Charlie, Joe Flaherty as Locke, and John Candy as Hurley. But that's not going to happen, so let's review what did. As always, spoilerish stuff… » 2/08/08 12:40pm 2/08/08 12:40pm

Everything You Need to Know About "Lost: Missing Pieces" Mobisodes

Lost finally returns to the airwaves tomorrow night, and ABC has been making the wait even more agonizing by dribbling out some filler material in the form of mobisodes called Lost: Missing Pieces. These 2-3 minute scenes have been running for several weeks now, and they're meant to fill in some of the holes and to… » 1/30/08 1:30pm 1/30/08 1:30pm