Gotham's Most Interesting Character Just Got Even Better

Sorry, Penguin fans — I still think the best character on Gotham is Harvey Bullock. And last night's episode expanded his character massively, making him way more sympathetic and fascinating. But almost every character got a massive boost from "Spirit of the Goat." Spoilers... » 10/28/14 2:09pm 10/28/14 2:09pm

Heads Up: The Next Gotham Was Written By The Tick Creator Ben Edlund

When Ben Edlund joined the writing staff of the Batman prequel show Gotham some months ago, it was an encouraging sign. Besides creating The Tick, Edlund wrote some of the best Firefly, Angel and Supernatural episodes. And his first credited Gotham script is also excellent. » 10/24/14 3:40pm 10/24/14 3:40pm

The Tick Is Being Revived, With Patrick Warburton To Star

The much-loved TV version of The Tick was axed by Fox in its first season, after just nine episodes. Now, it looks like the Big Blue Bug of Justice is back! According to People, the show is being revived by Amazon – and Patrick Warburton will star! And original creator Ben Edlund will write and produce! SPOOOOOOOOO » 8/31/14 8:10am 8/31/14 8:10am

Is Dean Winchester the worst hero ever? Or just one of the worst?

It's official: Anything bad that happens to anybody on Supernatural from now on is Dean Winchester's fault. Last night's season finale was apparently aimed at those people who feel as though the "Dean is always right" stuff had gotten out of hand. Spoilers ahead... » 5/16/13 4:25pm 5/16/13 4:25pm

Supernatural is on its way to becoming a truly great TV show again

Ever since the angels were introduced as major characters on Supernatural, they've been used to talk about questions of free will versus obedience to some divine plan. And last night's episode, written by the great Ben Edlund, took that theme in a fascinating direction — by showing us what creatures with free will are… » 5/02/13 11:52am 5/02/13 11:52am

One of Ben Edlund's Finest Hours: The Secret History of Supernatural's…

Supernatural has had a few really great ideas since original showrunner Eric Kripke left — but few of them have been more thrilling than the "Turducken Slammers" episode, "How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters," last season. Writer Ben Edlund pulled out all the stops, and then built new stops so he could pull… » 11/30/12 1:20pm 11/30/12 1:20pm

The most homoerotic Supernatural episode ever

Last night's Supernatural episode, "Blood Brothers," was great for two reasons. One, it was artfully written (by Ben Edlund) and brought us back to the season's arc while also telling a completely self-contained story. And two, it offered us a way to understand the emotional connections in Sam and Dean's lives as… » 11/01/12 7:21pm 11/01/12 7:21pm

What the hell is going on with heaven in Supernatural?

Friday night's Supernatural episode, "The Third Man," was a weird tale of dirty-dealing angels and police corruption. And it hit all the right notes. » 10/11/10 9:30am 10/11/10 9:30am

Everything we know about what's coming next on Supernatural

Over the weekend, we had a chance to talk to writers, producers, and actors from Supernatural (yes, we met Sam and Dean), and now we know the monstery score. Season 6 will take the Winchesters on a new path. SPOILERS! » 7/29/10 4:27pm 7/29/10 4:27pm

Your First Look At Firefly's Original Ship Designs

Joss Whedon's Firefly was an inspiration in so many ways, but one of them was its innovative approach to depicting spaceships and space travel. Here are some exclusive concept art images from a new book that celebrates Firefly's enduring inspiration. » 5/13/10 1:30pm 5/13/10 1:30pm

Firefly's Original Writers Return To The 'Verse With New Classic Tales

It's not as good as a new season of Firefly on television, but it's still cause for celebration — a new anthology will feature original tales from TV series writers Jane Espenson, Jose Molina, Brett Matthews and Ben Edlund. » 3/29/10 2:30pm 3/29/10 2:30pm

On Supernatural, We Take Family Snapshots Before the Apocalypse

Last week's episode of Supernatural, "Abandon All Hope..." was jam-packed with action and heartbreak. Lucifer is back, engineering a mega-slaughter in Missouri, and the brothers find a strange ally in a homoerotic demon. » 11/22/09 3:00pm 11/22/09 3:00pm