New Pandorum Trailer Debuts White Devil Toddler From Space Hell

We've got the new Pandorum trailer, which is a terrifyingly confusing mix of space Crawlers, skin-peeling madness, and an evil toddler. Take a closer look into the blackened eyes of evil while Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid look for the 60,000 missing passengers. And check out some screencaps below. » 5/27/09 10:51pm 5/27/09 10:51pm

Space Travelers Face Their Deadliest (And Silliest) Foe Yet

A batch of space travelers awaken from their hypersleep and discover they're not alone on their ship. The memory-wiped Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster must now fight the most unlikely of space guests hunting their crew down in new scifi thriller Pandorum » 10/17/08 11:00am 10/17/08 11:00am. has the first two stills from , and it looks like a welcome return…