Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown By Some Absolutely Incredible Mecha Concept Art!

There have been a LOT of collections of robot, mech and cyborg concept art lately—but the Nuthin’ But Mech blog, and the books it’s spawned, are some of the best. The third Nuthin’ But Mech book is out, and we’ve got a huge, eye-popping gallery of concept art, exclusively at io9! »11/12/15 7:00pm11/12/15 7:00pm


Wild Concept Art For The Trippy Final Moments Of Luc Besson's Lucy

Luc Besson's "superpowered drug mule" movie Lucy went to some pretty intense places in its final act. And concept artist Ben Mauro did a lot to shape the look of those scenes. Check out more of Mauro's Lucy concept art below — plus Mauro's attempts to reinvent alien invasions, and create a live-action movie of his own… »8/11/14 1:30pm8/11/14 1:30pm