The Watch demonstrates how Avatar has ruined this generation for future alien wars

The Watch might look like a zany alien comedy, in which a couple of suburban dudes chase down aliens amongst the cul-de-sacs of their town. But in reality, it's a sorry look at how Avatar has ruined us for alien interaction. If the first thing you do when you meet an angry alien is say "I see you," then we're all… »6/20/12 6:06pm6/20/12 6:06pm

The Eddie Murphy/Ben Stiller Comedy That Could Change the Future of Movies As We Know Them

Chances are you haven't been paying much attention to Tower Heist, the upcoming comedy film starring Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller. But this movie could be the turning point in the transformation of movies. As we wrote back in February, Hollywood is moving towards getting more of its revenue from video on demand (VOD)… »10/12/11 11:30am10/12/11 11:30am

Tropic Thunder's Scifi Trailer Brings Double the Baby And Double the Stiller

The fakey trailers from Ben Stiller's Tropic Thunder »11/06/08 11:00am11/06/08 11:00am have finally leaked out and the global warming disaster action film hits just a little too close to home these days. is a heady blend of and a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie. After watching this, you'll be ready to see the kick-boxing Belgian strap babies to his…