US vs. Russia on "World's Next Top Spacesuit"

The astronauts who spent the past week performing space walks outside the International Space Station wore the familiar puffy white jumpsuits that nostalgia buffs innocently refer to as a "space suit." But the spacefaring hardcore know it as an EMU, or "Extravehicular Mobility Unit," and the current ones have been in… » 11/29/07 9:00am 11/29/07 9:00am

Andromeda Strain Reborn As Miniseries On A&E

One point that Battlestar Galactica keeps trying to hammer home is "All this has happened before, and will happen again." With yet another scifi remake on the horizon, they may be more right than they know. The Sci Fi channel announced back in 2004 that they would be making a miniseries version of Michael Crichton's… » 11/13/07 11:09am 11/13/07 11:09am