Newly-Declassified CIA Document Says Ben Franklin Was A Security Risk

Benjamin Franklin was a man of many talents—but safeguarding state secrets was not among them. According to a recently released article by a CIA analyst, when Franklin was on a diplomatic mission in France, he allowed his offices to be penetrated by British spies during a crucial period in the American Revolution. »10/01/14 2:10pm10/01/14 2:10pm


Here's the earliest known map of the Gulf Stream, created by Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin's perspicacity never fails to amaze. In few places is his mental acuity more evident than his letters of correspondence, wherein Franklin frequently ruminated on topics scientific, technical and philosophical. What follows is an excerpt from one such letter, originally addressed to a scientific… »12/28/12 11:20am12/28/12 11:20am

Why were 10 dead bodies found in Benjamin Franklin's basement?

In 1998, a group called the Friends of Benjamin Franklin House began renovations on Franklin's London residence, No. 36 Craven Street, and discovered a nasty surprise: 1,200 pieces of bone from 10 bodies, six of which were children. And the bodies were buried in the basement around the time Franklin was living in the… »4/14/12 12:00pm4/14/12 12:00pm

You can now access thousands of scientific articles (written by some of history's greatest minds) for free

When it comes to old academic societies, there isn't an organization on Earth that can hold a candle to Britain's Royal Society. Founded all the way back in 1660, The Royal Society has been pumping out peer-reviewed scientific literature since 1665, when the first edition of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal… »10/26/11 5:37pm10/26/11 5:37pm