"Kicking And Screaming For Science Fiction" Did No Good, On Publishers Weekly's Best-Of List

What do women authors and science-fiction writers have in common? A notable absence on Publishers Weekly's list of the ten best books of the year. PW apologized proactively for the omission, saying "We wanted the list to reflect what we thought were the top 10 books of the year with no other consideration....We… »11/13/09 9:30am11/13/09 9:30am

25 Years of The Best Short Stories in Science Fiction Has Come To This

It's been 25 years of Gardner Dozios' The Year's Best Science Fiction »10/10/08 7:20pm10/10/08 7:20pm, and the 25th anniversary edition totals 692 pages of testimony to the state of the industry. Dozois dedicates the first 51 pages alone to a summation of the previous year, a trend he started in the first volume a quarter of a century ago.…