Dollhouse Resurrects The Dead, And Caprica Debuts

This week the world gets a closer look at the city of Caprica, the Chuck teasing continues, and Dollhouse brings back those who have already passed on. Spoilers, and tons of clips, below. » 4/20/09 9:00am 4/20/09 9:00am

Lost's Miles Takes Over For Haley Joel Osment

Just when you thought we were rid of yet another woman vying for old floppy-head's attention, Chuck brings back Brewster. And Lost's Miles outshines that Sixth Sense kid. Clips and spoilers below. » 4/13/09 9:00am 4/13/09 9:00am

Fringe's Walter Dances, While Ben's On Trial

This week Lost's Ben must atone for being the world's most compulsively watchable villain, while Fringe finally comes back. Also, it's the season finale of T:SCC, and Macaulay Culkin makes his Kings debut. Clips/spoilers ahead... » 4/06/09 9:00am 4/06/09 9:00am

Sayid's Paradox, Dean's Nude Pose, And Tricia Helfer

Turns out the Dean-and-Sam Supernatural fanfic comic has already been created, and this week's episode is all about it. Plus Smallville has a Lex Luthor flashback, and Tricia Helfer gets rough with Chuck. » 3/30/09 9:00am 3/30/09 9:00am