Quite Possibly the Most Revolting Severed Penis Scene Ever Filmed…

Piranha 3D had one of the greatest severed penis scenes in science fiction movie history — so how does the sequel, Piranha 3DD, follow that? With something so horrible and wrong, you may require several years of therapy after watching the above video. It's NSFW! » 1/08/13 6:30pm 1/08/13 6:30pm

Zombie Rat vs. Zombie Penis — Who Wins? [NSFW]

Yesterday we talked about the battle of the genitals in science horror films, and today I've got the best example of a horror movie penis ever created. It's the zombie rat vs. zombie penis moment from Beyond Re-Animator, the third in a series about a mad doctor (played with vigor by Jeffrey Combs) with a… » 3/20/08 5:15pm 3/20/08 5:15pm