Disaster, Immortalized.

Last week Annalee told me that io9 was going to devote a week to "Disasters", and wondered if I'd like to do something special. Disaster being my "thing," I said yes. » 11/28/10 7:45am 11/28/10 7:45am

Page-To-Screen Fail: The Worst Live-Action Versions Of Book Characters

We've all had our hearts broken by movie and television versions of our favorite book characters. You know the adaptation will never be as good as the beloved original, but sometimes it's hideously worse. Here are the absolute worst offenders. » 11/20/09 6:45pm 11/20/09 6:45pm

The Greatest Pinnochio-Bot Of All Time

When Summer Glau's Terminator started ballet dancing for no particular reason in a recent episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, it totally made sense: She's just another android/robot who wants to be human. Like the guy in this classic Johnnie Walker Scotch ad. It's like the fourth rule of robotics: The… » 3/07/08 11:30am 3/07/08 11:30am

Bring Home The Head Of Arnold Schwarzenegger

A genuine casting of Arnie's head from Batman & Robin is just one of the bizarre movie props available on eBay right now. You can also own the robot head of Robin Williams from Bicentennial Man, and the original helmet from the Rocketeer movie. Or if your loved ones are really obsessive, you can get them some even… » 12/11/07 3:00pm 12/11/07 3:00pm