Listen To Every Single Musical Genre, Ever

If you've ever wanted to hear the difference between traditional funk and Memphis soul, or understand where they fit in the context of more than 1300 musical genres, you might want to clear your schedule. An interactive project called Every Noise at Once is about to devour the rest of your day. » 3/27/15 1:00pm Friday 1:00pm

Why ResearchKit Is the Most Exciting Thing Apple Announced Yesterday

Apple announced several things yesterday, but ResearchKit, the company's new medical research and health platform, is clearly the technology with the most potential to actually improve people's lives. Services like it are already at work around the globe, helping doctors and patients manage symptoms and improve… » 3/10/15 1:08pm 3/10/15 1:08pm

How Algorithms Can Become as Prejudiced as People

We're in an era when major decisions are being made by algorithms poring over large datasets. They regulate everything from the stocks we trade, to where we put police officers in cities — and sometimes these algorithms suffer from the exact same prejudices that people do. » 9/24/14 2:08pm 9/24/14 2:08pm

Here's What You Need to Know About Big Data

What the hell is "big data," and why does everybody keep saying it will change the future? If you want to understand the answer, you've got to get beyond the buzzword and back to the term's real meaning. » 9/08/14 4:28pm 9/08/14 4:28pm

How does Big Data help us understand the vastness of space? Ask us now!

Members of NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab's Data Science community — including Rob Witoff, Tomas Soderstrom, and Andrew Hart — are here to answer our questions about using data, visualization, modeling, and just what we might be able to do with it all in space. » 2/11/14 9:20am 2/11/14 9:20am

Is our data outrunning our science?

You've probably heard the term "big data" — it refers to the enormous databases full of information generated by everything from social media to sensors measuring weather patterns. Computers have ushered in a golden age of data-gathering. The problem is we're not sure how to analyze it yet. » 10/07/13 11:33am 10/07/13 11:33am

An Interactive Timeline of Every Protest on the Earth Since 1979

Using a wealth of data amassed by The Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone (GDELT) and tools made available through CartoDB, political scientist John Beieler has created a captivating animated map of global protest since 1973. » 8/23/13 9:30am 8/23/13 9:30am

Could you really predict crime with a computer program?

In new JJ Abrams show Person of Interest, airing tomorrow night on CBS, a mysterious man named Finch (Lost's Michael Emerson) has become disenchanted with his government job designing a system that sifts through massive amounts of data to find terrorism suspects. Now Finch is a rogue outsider with a backdoor to the… » 9/21/11 3:30pm 9/21/11 3:30pm