The Most Uncanny Robotic Animals That Humankind Has Ever Invented

Classic robots are absolutely weird, but there can be something unnerving about seeing dogs, snakes, bees, fish, and birds in robotic form. From uncanny headless creatures to mechanical snakes that can squeeze their way up a person's leg, here are the robotic critters we can't stop staring at. » 11/20/14 3:30pm 11/20/14 3:30pm

China's Answer To DARPA's BigDog Looks Awfully Familiar

The arms race to develop hideous-looking dog-like robots is now officially underway. This quadrupedal "bionic mobile platform" was recently showcased at the 2014 Beijing International Emergency Rescue Expo. Hmm, now where have we seen this before.... » 9/10/14 12:40pm 9/10/14 12:40pm

Concept Art Writing Prompt: A Boy And His BigDog

This week's writing prompt comes from five minutes into the future, when soldiers go into the field with quadruped robots. What kind of story will you tell about this pair? » 7/31/14 5:00pm 7/31/14 5:00pm

BigDog can now throw shit like it's nobody's business

As if Boston Dynamics's robotic pack mule wasn't terrifying enough, its designers have, in their infinite wisdom, equipped it with a throwing arm. But not just any kind of throwing arm. This thing's a total cannon — one that would make Peyton Manning jealous. Check out the video and watch BigDog toss a cinder block… » 3/01/13 6:20am 3/01/13 6:20am

Your first look at the dystopian desert world of Young Ones

Jake Paltrow — yes, the brother of Gwyneth Paltrow — has written and directed this dystopian flick set in a future where water is extremely scarce. Sure, we've seen a lot of parched world stories, but there's something about this bit of preview art that's fairly striking. Plus, is that Big Dog? » 11/07/11 10:00am 11/07/11 10:00am

The folks who made the robot Big Dog are building a real Cylon

Chances are you're familiar with Boston Dynamics' Big Dog or its larger cousin Alpha Dog. Now, the roboticists at BD have constructed PETMAN, a six-foot-tall, 180-pound, headless humanoid robot whose potential lies in chemical weapons testing. Notes The Boston Globe: » 10/31/11 9:30am 10/31/11 9:30am

Meet AlphaDog, the terrifying robot horse the military's building

Remember Boston Dynamics' robotic pack mule Big Dog? The researchers have revealed the next generation of their mechanical quadruped, Alphadog. This remote-controlled equine machine is designed to carry 400 lbs of payload on 20-mile treks over uneven terrain. The primary benefit of Alphadog is that it's way quieter… » 10/01/11 8:00am 10/01/11 8:00am

Incredible CGI demo from the late 1980s shows earliest efforts to…

Remember DARPA's Big Dog? Looks like this video could have inspired its design. The clip shows a composition of some animal motion studies (along with some killer dance moves) prepared for the 1989 CG short "Eurythmy" by Ohio State University's Computer Graphics Research Group. » 8/10/11 5:00pm 8/10/11 5:00pm