Will Robert Downey Jr. really be the star of The Avengers? Plus new…

Could Terminator 5 still forge ahead, even without Arnold Schwarzenegger? Sam Worthington declares war on outer space, while Big Man Japan comes to America. Plus a Dark Knight Rises set photo, more on a Green Lantern cameo, and more! » 6/07/11 6:00am 6/07/11 6:00am

The Weirdest Monster From Japan's New Giant-Superhero Movie

Here's an exclusive look at the "Leaping Monster" that terrorizes Tokyo in Big Man Japan, the bizarre superhero movie coming to U.S. theaters on May 15. Click through for the Japanese drawings of the monster. » 4/21/09 3:13pm 4/21/09 3:13pm

Big Man Japan Teaches Us That Big Is Beautiful

The trailer for Big Man Japan is finally getting some play. If you haven't seen the monstery goodness from this indie flick, you must check out the eye-crotch monsters. » 3/05/09 9:30am 3/05/09 9:30am

Absurd Big Man Japan Delights In Weirding You Out

More a ramshackle collection of setpieces and ideas than a fully formed movie, Big Man Japan is alternatively funny, touching, and baffling. Though not an unqualified success, it's hard to hate something so gleefully bizarre. » 2/07/09 8:30am 2/07/09 8:30am

Don't Sleep Or The Lady Terminator Will Get You

Columbus, OH is hosting the premieres of a Japanese instant cult classic, Big Man Japan, a mockumentary about a giant middle-aged man who fights monsters, and a documentary about the space age, Sputnik Mania. It's all part of the 25th annual science fiction marathon this Saturday, with 24 hours of nonstop science… » 4/17/08 12:07pm 4/17/08 12:07pm