Alphas teaches us what happened to Bill Murray's hat in Caddyshack

Yesterday's episode of Alphas — "Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure" — explored Bill's reasons for joining up with Dr. Rosen and the former FBI agent's reluctance for signing on with his motley little band. It turns out that one of Bill's adrenaline-fueled (and clavicle-breaking) outbursts have alienated him from the… » 8/16/11 7:10pm 8/16/11 7:10pm

Bill Murray Decides The Fate Of Peter Venkman In Ghostbusters 3

What's going to happen to Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters 3? We got our first hint from Sigourney Weaver, and now Bill Murray is insisting on it. What's the plot twist that must happen for Murray to be in Ghostbusters 3? » 2/08/10 8:00am 2/08/10 8:00am

Ember Proves The Only Grown-Up Movies Are Aimed At Kids

Why are kids' movies the only ones allowed to deal with real grown-up issues? City Of Ember » 10/10/08 1:09pm 10/10/08 1:09pm, opening today, reminded me of the allegory-rich . Not least because it talked about issues like scarce resources and the cushiony softness of propaganda. It's such a relief, after watching a thousand allegedly "grown-up"…

Bill Murray Says Ember Is Your 21st Century Survival Guide

The subterranean city of Ember houses the last survivors of the human race, living off dwindling food supplies and grappling with a failing power generator in the new movie City Of Ember » 10/08/08 3:33pm 10/08/08 3:33pm. Could there possibly be some kind of allegory here? We seized the chance to ask castmembers Bill Murray, Saoirse Ronan and Tim…