Suck It, Haters: Why We're Proud To Love Twister

Twister has it all: growling tornadoes, a battle of good vs. evil in the competitive world of meteorology, a young Philip Seymour Hoffman, and a megameta scene in which a funnel cloud decimates a drive-in just as Jack Nicholson hacks up a door at the Overlook. It's corny, it's scientifically iffy, and WE LOVE IT. » 3/19/15 2:00pm 3/19/15 2:00pm

Hell is The Colony, and it has frozen over

There are only two distinguishing characteristics of The Colony, in select theaters today: 1) snow and 2) cannibalism. But it’s really the cannibalism where The Colony gets truly unique. And by unique, I mean ridiculous. Spoilers ahead... » 9/20/13 9:25am 9/20/13 9:25am

Tom Cruise's Edge of Tomorrow feels like the Starship Troopers we want

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are starring in a big-screen adaptation of the Japanese novel All You Need is Kill, now called Edge of Tomorrow. And the first footage, which just showed at Comic-Con, is dark, moody, and full of exo-suit mayhem. Spoilers ahead... » 7/20/13 2:10pm 7/20/13 2:10pm

Watch Bill Paxton and Laurence Fishburne fight cannibals on Future Earth

The Colony is set in the frozen dystopian future. All that remains of Earth are a few colonies, and when one of those colonies launches a distress call, it's up to Laurence Fishburne to save the day... from cannibals. Yeah, super-strength human cannibals! » 6/21/13 2:00pm 6/21/13 2:00pm

The Wit and Wisdom of Aliens' Private Hudson

You can scratch "everything Bill Paxton says in Aliens" off the list of supercuts that need to be made –– someone very kindly compiled all of Bill Paxton's speaking lines into the above video; heard together, without interruption, they sound almost... philosophical. Now all someone needs to do is write all these… » 1/10/13 11:30am 1/10/13 11:30am

Sam Rockwell: "I copied everything I did in Galaxy Quest from Bill…

While visiting the set of Cowboys & Aliens we couldn't help but reminisce about past alien battles with Sam Rockwell. Imagine our surprise when he revealed where his Galaxy Quest character's inspiration spurred from — honestly, it makes perfect sense. » 11/30/10 11:02am 11/30/10 11:02am

After Near Dark, You'll Never Look At Bill Paxton The Same Way

If there's anything that will ruin Big Love forever for you, it's a psychotic, vampiric Bill Paxton eviscerating a bar full of hillbillies in 1987's Near Dark. » 1/16/10 2:15pm 1/16/10 2:15pm