Post-Punk/New Wave Icons as Super Heroes

This great super hero/post-punk hero crossover is pretty impressive. Created by Brazilian designer/illustrator Butcher Billy, you can buy them as prints, t-shirts and iphone covers - just click on the link. I quite fancy the Batman/Ian Curtis one as a t-shirt. » 5/16/13 3:44pm 5/16/13 3:44pm

Shall we do the Time Warp again? Rocky Horror Show is back on stage!

It's a science fiction double feature! The Rocky Horror Show just made its triumphant stage return, in Dublin. Here are some amazing cast pics. And a version is also hitting LA soon, with the Glee stars and Billy Idol. » 10/11/10 12:22pm 10/11/10 12:22pm

The Not-So-Secret History of Scifi Rock

Aversion lists some of the best (and, occasionally, worst) mashups of rock culture and geek culture in the world of music. How did I miss Billy Idol's homage to Neuromancer? [via Aversion] » 2/23/09 11:41am 2/23/09 11:41am